Useful Tips for Your Outgoing Dog

outgoing dog

Being proud owners of a very outgoing and stranger friendly jackrat terrier we know what is best for keeping our pet behaving in a best possible way when we are outdoors for a walk. We love the openness and friendly approach towards other animals and people but this is a result of a long process of training and behavioural shaping. This guide will point out useful practices that will ensure that your pet stays joyful and outgoing and prevent any possibility of bad experiences that might harm his friendly personality.

Teach Your Pet How To Properly Behave

Training and teaching mean everything when it comes to shaping your dog’s personality and temperament. Our pets take up our personality since they spend a lot of time around us. When they are young, they are easier to train and teach. If they get older and you didn’t train them how to behave and socialise in public spaces – you will need much more effort to turn them around. Remember, if the owner is the angry type, his or hers k9 will also exhibit aggressive behaviour. Take care to how you treat your dog as your every action has a direct impact into shaping its personality traits.

Essential training always includes teaching your doggie basic commands. Teach it to sit, come, stop and stay first. Obviously with time, knowing these commands will make your dog obedient and easy to manage when you both find yourselves among other people and their pets. Predicting your pet’s behaviour is essential as it will enable you to always manage every situation effortlessly. Always have in mind that not all other dogs that you will encounter are well-behaved or child-friendly. So, in order to keep your pet stress free from encounters with bad mannered dogs and their owners, make sure that your own dog is well behaved and properly trained.

Socialise With Other Dogs

The best way of making your pooch well-mannered and socialised is to introduce and let it play with other fellow k9s. Parks, great outdoors or veterinary hospitals - it really doesn’t matter where. All it matters is how. Meeting and playing with other animals is the best way of keeping your pet behaving friendly and outgoing with other people and their pets.

Most of the aggression that occurs between two dogs is due to improper socialisation. Every dog can become territorial when it comes to the property which he considers to be its home. However, once it gets outside it understands that it is not on familiar grounds anymore. This is why most k9 suffer from a lack of confidence when you take them for a walk on a new and unknown territory.

socialise with other dogs

Socialisation directs dog’s attention to other animals that can distract from the insecurities of being on unknown grounds. Once you count in play time with new pals, the fear and anxiety completely go away. And we all know that these two emotions lead to aggression. It is well established that many physiological issues arise in pets due to feelings of insecurity and in some cases even out of boredom.

This is why it is essential to make sure to introduce your pet, even when it is just a puppy, to other friendly and outgoing animals. This way it will learn on its own how to treat and behave nicely to strangers and their pets.

The Importance Of Taking Your Dog Out In Public

There isn’t the slightest chance that you will have an outgoing pet if it is always confined to one area. Dogs are very territorially protective animals and once they stay in a single space for a long time, they become very aggressive when it comes to guarding it. Taking your pet outdoors and in public places helps it to understand the outside world which is filled with other people and all kinds of animals.

A good rule is that you always keep a leash or a harness on your dog if he is anxious for the first couple of times when you go for a walk. Some dogs panic and run away when faced with new experiences. If your outgoing k9 experiences aggressive behaviour from other dogs and animals – do not let him off leash! Always kindly ask that fellow dog owner if he would be kind enough to control his or hers pet.


In the real world, not all pooches and people are as friendly as you might expect. As with most humans, different dogs can also have a wide range of different temperaments. It is exactly because of this that you should know how to keep your outgoing pet safe from negative and possibly harmful influences and situations.

You must always make sure that your k9 feels and stays safe, happy and peaceful no matter what happens when you go out on a walk. And when you come back home – having a awesome fetch toy is a great way of rewarding it for its exemplary behaviour.