Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

dog breeds that get along with cats.

Dogs and cats have to be the most popular pets, yet can they live together in harmony? While there is no denying these two are famous for not seeing eye-to-eye — there are some dog breeds that get along with cats. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Although, it has to be said, most dogs can be cat-friendly when introduced at an early age. However, typically, certain breeds bred for hunting or those with a strong prey drive, for example, Terriers, may not be the best dogs for cats.

So, if you’re hoping to pick a Pluto, but don’t want to upset Slyvester, we’ve put together 20 of our favorite dogs that love cats. 

Dogs That Are Friendly With Cats

While most well-socialized dogs will make a good fit for a feline companion. Here are a few breeds that we feel stand out for being dogs that like cats.

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cat friendly dog cavalier king charles spaniel.

One of the most adored toy dog breeds that never seems to mature beyond the puppy stage — the Cavalier King Charles. Given their kind-hearted nature and capacity for love, they make tremendous support dogs. And, this very same character that displays affection to humans is no different with other animals — including cats. 

In fact, as Cavs crave companionship, they’ll be more than happy to have a feline housemate to cat nap with while you’re away.

2. Basset Hound

are basset hounds good with cats.

Totally chilled and highly animal-tolerant, the Basset is also one of the dogs that get along with cats. This bow-wow has plenty of patience, which is bound to pay off through the getting-to-know-each-other stage.

However, the breed tends to stand out for being stubborn at times, so if your pooch is already an adult, it’ll be you that requires patience.

3. Beagle

cat friendly dog beagle.

Beagles are pack animals, so it’s in their nature to mix with others. In fact, these bow-wows thrive when they have some company around. They’re little, loving, and get along well with other household pets like dogs and cats. 

However, they’re very energetic animals, so you’ll need to set aside time for exercise if you don't want to come home to a surprise.

4. Golden Retriever

cats and golden retrievers.

Cats and Golden Retrievers make a perfect match. Let’s face it, this breed wants to be friends with anyone and everyone. 

A true example of a family dog, Goldens are loveable and super playful, yet can be gentle when it matters most. Plus, they’re smart and incredibly willing to please — they’ll soon back down if your kitty cat isn’t interested.

5. Pug

are pugs good with cats.

One of the most popular dog breeds nowadays. They make great friends in a home with or without kids thanks to their teeny size, yet big personality and charisma. They’re dogs who love cats and won't hesitate to play with them when the feline is in the mood to do so. Hence, your Pug and pussycat will make terrific buddies.

6. Bulldog

cats and bulldogs.

Both the English and French breeds are excellent family dogs. They’re known for their easy-going nature, making them great companions. They love being included in everything and don't want to miss out on any fun. 

With their laid-back, calm personality, Bulldogs are known to be one of the best dog breeds good with cats. However, your feline may become frightened by their distinctive 'snoring.'

7. Labrador Retriever

cats and labrador retrievers.

A breed that makes a great companion as well as a cat friendly dog — that is, the Labrador Retriever. They’re highly energetic, clever, loving, lively, and straightforward to train. Labs are rarely aggressive, making them ideal for households with kids, the elderly, and other pets, like cats.

However, they do prefer to be in the presence of company. As a result, Lab Retrievers feel more at ease if they have someone to spend time with when you’re not home.

8. Havanese

dogs that are good with cats havanese.

The Havanese is a highly friendly, gentle dog that’s keen to please their family, much like the Maltese. They’re perfect for families with kids, retirees, and apartment living. And, with proper training, they also make the ideal doggy for living alongside cats, bunnies, and other pets.

9. Long-Haired Collie

are long-haired collies good with cats.

While a member of the herding group, the Long-Haired Collie is an exception to the ‘get along with cats’ rule. A breed that’s devoted to their family, and this also extends to other four-legged members. Calm, intelligent, and suitable for co-existing with other pets, the Collie is a wonderful protection dog for cats or kids.

10. Papillon

dogs that are good with cats papillon.

This lovely long-eared, toy-group breed is comparable in size to a cat, making them equally matched playmates. Plus, as lap dogs, they love to lounge around, so when playtime is over, your Pap will quite happily curl up with your cat on the couch.

However, although they’re tiny dogs, they love to ‘talk,’ — Papillons are prone to yappiness.

11. Barbet

cat friendly dog barbet.

With such a shaggy and curly coat, what cat wouldn't want to ‘make biscuits?’ And, with all that thick fur, the Barbet most likely wouldn't even notice your kitty’s paws kneading away. Besides the gold-award snuggling attraction, the Barbet is quite sociable as long as their exercise needs are satisfied.

Your dog and you can go for a few daily walks and have some backyard games while your cat can relax. But, be prepared for your kitty to casually saunter in next to that plush fur for a quick cat nap.

12. Greyhound

are greyhounds good with cats.

One of the awesome apartment dogs, the Greyhound is a calm, kind, and laid-back breed. They’re ideal for cats who like to be by themselves. Despite being designed for speed, and a sighthound, Greyhounds use their energy swiftly. Once they've finished their daily exercise, they're content to lounge around the house like most felines.

Greyhounds also like to snuggle up under windows to catch some sun. They’re not aggressive and appreciate a quiet atmosphere.

13. Bernese Mountain Dog

are bernese mountain dogs good with cats.

Gentle and good-natured, the Bernese Mountain Dog shows the greatest love for their family. They prosper in households that value outdoor activities, just like other working breeds.

The Bernese likes to participate in everything you’re doing, especially if you’re having fun outside. For a cat who craves ’me’ time inside, that’s a bonus.

14. Newfoundland

cat friendly dog newfoundland.

Despite being one of the largest canine breeds, Newfies are gentle giants. When around children and other small creatures, they are extremely kind and naturally aware of their size. They’re praised for possessing a vigilant demeanor that mimics a guardian while also acting as a caring bow-wow ‘babysitter.’

15. German Shepherd

dogs that are good with cats german shepherd.

A renowned guard dog, the German is noted for its unwavering commitment to both people and other animals in the home. They put their family’s needs first. Hence, they don't bond with other dogs too well during walkies. 

However, with appropriate socialization, the Shepherd simply assumes your cat comes as part and parcel of the household — thus should coexist peacefully with their kitty cat sibling.

16. Shetland Sheepdog

are shetland sheepdogs good with cats.

Shelties, another herding breed, are highly dedicated to their household, which includes both humans and animals. As long as they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, they probably won't be too bothered about herding your cat.

When Shelties are bored, they have a propensity to bark, which may be unsettling for felines. However, the Sheltie could be kept amused if your cat has a frequent zoomie habit that’s mildly entertaining to observe.

17. Maltese

dogs that are good with cats maltese.

The Maltese has a ‘charming and joyful’ personality. These tiny pups are active, but because of their small size, they run the risk of falling over at the dog park. They quickly form friendships with other animals, so playing with your cat, who is a better match for their size, would be a nice alternative.

Single-coated, they don’t like the cold weather, so your cat will have companionship and a built-in snuggle buddy on cooler days.

18. Bichon Frise

cat friendly dog bichon frise.

The Bichon Frise is one of the best dogs for cats. Humans, even cats, appreciate these jovial little white balls of fluff. Bichons, which are inherently playful, are sure to see your cat as a potential buddy. That said, their extroverted and bouncy nature may not be a good match with an anxious kitty.

19. Cocker Spaniel

cats and cockerspaniels.

These gentle people-pleasers are among the dogs that are good with cats since they love being around other animals. Cocker Spaniels are friendly, playful dogs that adore being the center of attention. And, they don't care who offers it.

They enjoy receiving head scratches from you, and given their passive temperament, a fussy cat sibling's licks won't likely bother them either.

Final Thoughts

Instead of having pets that fight like cats and dogs, they can get along. It all comes down to making good introductions, being aware of the rules for keeping the peace, and determining which breeds will most likely get along and fit into your lifestyle. 

By going for dog breeds that get along with cats, you might soon observe your canine and feline developing a purrfect — or pawsome — friendship. Who can resist a dog and cat combo, after all!

Dog Breeds That Get Along Best With Cats FAQs

Do Certain Dog Breeds Get Along Better With Cats?

Yes. For example, the Toy group is made up of friendly breeds of comparable cat size. Hence, are likely to be one of the top groups for getting along with felines. The Sporting group are also good-natured bow-wows that make good cat buddies.


How Do You Tell if a Dog Will Be Good With Cats?

According to a recent study, dogs react to the sounds of cats more strongly than they do to the sight or smell of them. Why not try a novel approach — bring a recording of cat noises to your doggy meet and greet, and watch the dog’s reaction.

Can I Get a Dog if I Have a Cat?

Yes, but it does take some effort. Although there is no assurance that your canine and feline will get along, introducing them gradually and giving them each the same degree of attention can be helpful.

How Long Does a Dog Get Used to a Cat?

All of the animals may be experiencing stress at this time, so it's crucial that you have patience and be ready for the introduction to take place over the course of at least a week, if not many weeks. If you own multiple cats, the same procedure needs to be followed.

Can Cats and Dogs Live Together Peacefully?

Although it is not common knowledge that cats and dogs make good friends, they can learn to accept one another. And, in some instances, even form a close, loving friendship. So, it’s a yes. A happy partnership between cats and dogs is possible — with some careful planning.