Best Dog Breeds for Living in Apartments

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For so many people who dwell in the city, having a dog companion that would live with them might wrongly seem like an impossible dream. However, if you really want a furry pal that will share your apartment with you, there are k9 breeds that are well suited for life even in smaller spaces. The best of all, some of these pooches will match nicely with your urban way of life. Just as long as you have free time to dedicate for occasional walks outside of your flat, there are no other obstacles that stand in your way of getting a dog.

French Bulldog

Besides being super cute, French Bulldogs are a great companion doggie breed for city dwellers. They don’t require large living spaces so it will be easy for this breed of k9s to get accustomed to living in apartments of their owners. These are considered as a peaceful temperament type of dogs so you needn’t worry about the wellbeing of your furniture and wall decorations. Also known not to bark too much means there is no risk of irritating your neighbours although you should keep in mind that they can be very protective. This means they will act as a guardian of both you and your living space. They might exhibit slightly hostile behaviour towards your guest at first until they get comfortable around them. As for grooming, these are short fur doggies that require little care in order to stay in perfect shape.

Jack Russell Terrier

Originally bred for fox hunting, Jack Russell Terriers are a member of a small breed of k9s that is instantly recognisable by its energetic nature and snow-white fur. They could potentially be a great roommate since they’re very loving and loyal to their owners. Being active and sporty doggies, they love playing and running and jumping. If you often enjoy going out of the confinement of your apartment to exercise then these pooches are a perfect match for you. This is an agile k9 that loves chasing fetch toys due to its inherent hunting instinct.

When you don’t have the time to take it out to play, letting it have fun with automatic ball launchers like iFetch will keep it happy for hours on end. The grooming needs are quite low and with a short hair, you won’t have to worry about cleaning and taking out your dog hair vaccuum too often. Jack Russell’s are known for their good health and long life span which makes them a great pet for a busy owner with not that much free time for vet visits and frequent grooming.

English Bulldog

This noble dog breed was first the companion of English royal families before becoming available to everyone else. Known for their gentle temperament and “laziness” Bulldogs are easy going and very friendly companions. They are quiet and relaxed which makes them great for apartment owners. You won’t ever hear them bark or exhibit aggressive behaviour due to their welcoming nature even towards complete strangers. They also enjoy to be cuddled and when it comes to grooming, every sweep of the comb brings them incredible pleasure.

Some of the not so great things about them include possible health issues that require regular checkups by your vet and drool and snot issues that are not for the fainthearted. If you consider your apartment as a place of extreme cleanliness then English Bulldog with its constant drooling and running nose isn’t a breed for you. However, if you don’t mind these minor nitpicks, you will love them for their intelligence and kind temperament.

Bichon Frise

Here is a doggie breed that is simply great for any urban owner who is looking for a small and outgoing pooch. The Bichon Frise will instantly melt you with their cuteness. They are mini size k9s that are perfect for apartments and smaller spaces. Always happy and playful, Bichons are easy to train and love to spend time with their owners. With their fluffy appearance and beautiful fur coats, they are one of the prettiest dog breeds out there. You will definitely attract attention and compliments when you go for a walk in the busy city streets.

Being relatively lightweight, you can even carry them in your purse when they get tired of jumping and running. Seeing how they have a longer length fur, proper grooming in regular time intervals is a must if you want to keep them healthy and beautiful. If you are a type of person that prefers spending time with someone then Bichon Frise will be a perfect apartment roommate for you.


These doggies are the best choice for sharing city homes with busy working owners. Living in a flat makes its occupants bond better and we can’t think of better pooches to have as your companions than these ones listed in this article. Show them proper care and they will return it with their endless devotion for you.

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