Best Dog Breeds for Non-Urban Dwellers

dog breeds for rural living

While most of the modern society relies on people in the city areas to keep the business booming and cash flowing in for corporate interest, being outside of all that noise and traffic does have its perks. First of all, those that live beyond outer city limits experience less stress and enjoy the nature more. Where’s nature and open range, there is more freedom to be found.

Specifically, most of the people who live outside of urban areas have much more available living space. This opens plenty of possibilities when it comes to having a dog to run around a huge open property. In this article, we will examine some of the best k9 breeds that love having plenty of space where they can play and which they can call their home.

Labrador Retriever

Considered by many as an ideal pet, this the most popular breed of dogs is often found in homes of non-city area dwellers. Labs are kind, fun and very outgoing but also enjoy having lots of ground that they can cover during each day. Being an active k9, Labrador Retrievers are always looking to play with their owners. Known for their kindness and patience – they make great family pets that love being around children. Due to their above average intelligence, it is not difficult to train them and seeing how they love playing – learning through fun is their virtue.

For those of you that also want a guard dog, labs will be an excellent choice. Once trained, they will keep both a property and its occupants safe from any threat. They are a jack-of- all trades type of dog that does just about everything good without any big disadvantages!

German Shepard

Another favourite of pet owners who live in rural areas, German Shepard breed is an outstanding k9 that has plenty of strong traits. These dogs are known for their endless loyalty, perseverance and sheer strength of will. They are above average intelligent and easy to train which makes them a great companion for any type of outdoor activity and fun to have around. They love to play, are great for tracking and hunting while still being kind and gentle enough to play with children back home.

Being a very active dog breed, they do need lots and lots of open ground and daily exercise to be of good health and stay in great shape. Due to their extraordinary physique and strength, police and military forces around the world use them for various tasks that other dogs are no match for. If you are looking for a family pet that is an above average guarding k9 too, then you needn’t look any further!

Border Collie

The crown of the smartest dog - goes to Border Collie! This beautiful breed is used to crossing huge open areas in order to herd sheep and so they are naturally great outdoors. Playing and running no matter where they are is their past time so having open fields or hills is a must if you own a Collie!

Being so smart allows them to learn quick so you never need to worry about training them. They are used to being around people which makes them great for families with small children. Border Collies love playing with kids and enjoy keeping them company.

While they are great for home settings, it's outdoors where they feel best. Incredibly fast and active, these k9s can’t live without a couple of hours out in the open each and every day. With a happy personality and above average intelligence, these are a great choice for your rural home.

Australian Shepherd

Another member of dogs that were bred for use in rural areas, Australian Shepherds are still used for herding farm animals. Always looking for fun, these k9s are great family companions. They never seem to lack energy which makes them great for playing with children.

These pooches are also smart which makes them easy to train in case you own a farm and have animals. Even if you do not have livestock that needs herding, these pooches are great companions no matter where you go. They require little maintenance and are considered as being a very healthy k9 breed.


Every one of these dog breeds will be a great addition to your out-of-city-limits home. Having more open space and natural surroundings makes for a great environment in which they can thrive and be healthy keep retrieving balls while playing fetch with kids. Each and everyone from this list is also great at guarding so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you’re safe while they watch over your family and your property.