5 Best Dog Breeds for Playing Frisbee Fetch

best frisbee dog breeds

Playing a game of fetch with your pet can be a very relaxing and yet a very beneficial experience for the both of you. Remember that you too are excessing along with your k9 which is always great for staying fit and healthy. Of course, since humans are also not great at every sport, not all doggies are equal when it comes to having the skill to catch a flying disc shape object mid-air.

In the past, dogs were bred over a long period of time in order to create a specialized animal for a specific task. Whether it's guarding, hunting or herding this variety left us today with some k9s that excel at specific things and fail at others in mostly funny ways.

If you want to spend some quality time with your furry friend you might want to consider training your dog to catch a Frisbee. Before you start keep in mind that this may require lots of patience depending on the breed.

For those of you that want to learn which dog breeds are best for the good old game of Frisbee fetch, we have a nice “best of” list. Keep reading to find out more!

No.1 – Border Collie

World renown for their intelligence, Border Collies are extremely fast and agile dogs that are great for chasing fast moving objects - which makes them excellent frisbee dogs. They are a very active breed used for sheep herding so this makes them very energetic. They can run for hours and simply love chasing after toys. If you’re looking for a furry friend that will be your match for a game of Frisbee fetch then Border Collie is the best choice!

No.2 – Belgian Malinois

Also known as Belgian Shepherd, this is a very smart dog breed that loves exercising for extended periods of time. They are very smart and easy to train so retrieving flying Frisbees is a bit too easy for them. Due to their strength and tenacity, they are extensively used by military and police forces all around the world. Seeing how agile as Belgian Malinois is, do not be surprised when you see them make some amazing acrobatic moves in order to catch the Frisbee mid-air.

No.3 – Golden Retriever

Trust us from our own experience, Golden Retrievers are pretty awesome for any type of fetch games. Our own one loves chasing just about anything and will happily return the toy in order to go for another go – for hours at a time! This is a loving, family friendly dog breed that enjoys playing with its owners in every possible way. If you are looking for a sweet and gentle companion pet that loves playing fetch and makes a great frisbee dog then Golden Retriever is the one to go for!

No.4 – Australian Shepherd Dog

This k9 breed is also known for herding farm animals which make it being an above average intelligent and great around humans. Australian Shepherds are very active and thus very energetic doggies that love playing for extended periods of time. Most of all they enjoy open grounds where they can happily run for hours without getting exhausted. They are very fast and nimble which makes them great for fetching Frisbee! If you are looking for a versatile, family friendly pet that will excel in any kind of outdoor activity then Aussie Shepherd is a perfect match for you!

Australian shepherd frisbee.

No.5 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are an intelligent, strong and easy to train dogs. With their athletic proves and outgoing personality, they are a great companion for every kind of outdoor activity. Whether you like to run, swim or walk for hours, Labs will always keep up with you. With a playful temperament, they are great for playing any type of fetch game. Being a very active dog breed they are happy only when they get a lot of exercise on a daily basis. This makes the really great for catching and fetching Frisbees!

What Exactly Makes These K9s The Best For Frisbee Games?

Each and every one of these dogs on our list was bred and created for working around humans and assisting them with different types of animals. Due to their genetic inheritance, all of them have a strong natural hunting instinct too. Being around their human owners for centuries made them become great family pets that enjoy lots and lots of playing.

Herding type of dogs like Border Collie, Australian Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) are used to chasing animals which makes them fast and agile. Golden and Labrador Retrievers were bred for retrieval of animals during hunting. You can see how their genetics allow these types of k9s to be great at chasing, catching and retrieving. Because they were always around humans, all of them are very loyal and dedicated to their owners.

Can Any Working Breed Dog Be Great At Frisbee Play?

The short answer is no. Not every active k9 can equally excel at the game of fetch. For a game of catching a Frisbee, a dog has to be athletic and agile most of all. Without these main traits, you are most likely to see other breeds of dogs soon lose interest in chasing a simple flying disc shaped toy. In order to be great at the game of fetch, each dog must be very energetic. This means constant running up and down to chase and retrieve a Frisbee.

Another important trait is inherent intelligence. Without this, you will most likely find it difficult to teach your dog to play with you. You can expect lots of frustrating sessions where your pet simply refuses to bring the toy back to you. Intelligent pooches quickly learn what they need to do and this is what makes them great for playing fetch with their owners.


Not all dogs are created equal so when it comes to playing a game of fetch some will perform better than others. Our top five list of k9 breeds shows which ones are best for chasing and catching Frisbee toys. Sure, others can be taught to play just the same although don’t expect seeing fancy mid-air catches or any amazing acrobatic moves. Nevertheless, training your own pet can be a very rewarding experience in knowing that you turned your pooch into a great catch and fetch dog!

Another great toy for playing fetch is an automatic ball launcher. These can keep your pet exercising all by itself even when you’re not around or simply don’t have free time to play. You can learn more about these awesome toys by clicking here to learn more.