The Best Dog Names with Attitude — Name Ideas for Your Dogs

best dog names with attitude.

The Best Dog Names With Attitude

So you have a fierce, competitive, and ultra-active bow-wow and seek dog names with attitude to complement its boldness? This article will prove an interesting read. We intend to satisfy your curiosity and provide you with a selection of our favorite names that match your canine’s character. 

This article is broadly categorized based on male and female dog names. Further distinctions based on traits and character are also outlined. We even throw in some tips on how to name your dog — because our canine friends don’t hear sounds like humans, and you need a name that sounds appropriate to your canine.

funny dog names with attitude.

Male Dog Names With Attitude

The lists below are for those seeking dog names that exude power and strength, and provoke masculine energy.

Majestic and Military Male Dog Names With Attitude

Your canine deserves a majestic name that speaks to its strength of character. Names have been assumed with nobility, loyalty and strength over the years. Examples of such include:

  • Duke — this evokes the feeling of royalty. A delightful moniker for your dog.

  • Earl — an exquisite name for a dog with a strong sense of self-belief and awareness.

  • Khan — derived from the title of a formidable military leader, ideal for a dog with a strong sense of leadership.

  • Amir — a name fit for a king.

  • Gentry — the gentries are the high-born ruling class of the landed aristocracy.

  • Sultan — this is a perfect name for your powerful canine.

  • Spartan — fit for a loyal and obedient dog.

  • Kaiser — of German origin, meaning emperor.

Protective Male Dog Names With Attitude

Dogs are fiercely devoted, loyal friends, and these traits make them extra special. Protective dogs care for their owners unconditionally and defend them at all costs. They raise suspicion when they sense an incoming threat, thus alerting their owners. While they’re perceived as aggressive, their actions are borne out of their good nature. Here are some ideas:

  • Boss — bosses are feared and respected, and so should your protective dog.

  • Titan —  denotes strength and intellect.

  • Bouncer — an ideal moniker for a protective canine companion.

  • Trooper — while this might sound military, it’s an excellent name for a guard dog.

male dog names with attitude.

Cool Dog Names With Attitude

These names give a cool vibe and charisma when spoken. Such names include:

  • Ryder.

  • Jagger.

  • Slade.

  • Fender.

  • Fletcher.

  • Cobra.

  • Magnum.

  • Loki.

  • Dutch.

  • Knight.

  • Colorado.

Funny Dog Names With Attitude

You want a funny name for the pun, sarcasm, or irony. There is no harm in taking the humor route when naming your canine. The list below provides a selection of amusing dog names that show you mean business:

  • Digs.

  • Notorious.

  • Bitz.

  • Jaws.

  • Coyote.

  • Biggie.

  • Neverland.

female dog names with attitude.

Female Dog Names With Attitude

Who rules the world, girls! There are many categories to name your female dogs. The list is almost endless, from celebrities to goddesses and strong female characters. While male dogs need names that reflect their brute force and masculinity — female dogs suit sassy names to reflect that personality trait. 

Choosing the right name has to come with a balance between sweetness and sassiness — we’ve put together a few to get you started:

Sassy Names for Female Dogs

  • Duchess — for a dog, you intend to pamper.
  • Empress — an exquisite name for dogs meant to rule and remain aloof.
  • Jinx — if your dog gets in and out of trouble often, this is perfect.
  • Katana — this name reminds me of the famous Japanese swords used by the Samurai.
  • Queenie — for pooches that rule at home and everywhere.
  • Quinn — need your dog to remind you of the lead character in the Suicide Squad? Make a go for it. 
  • Storm — if your dog is an expert at destruction and causing mayhem, this is right on.
  • Vixen  — ideal for a canine friend that creates chaos yet melts your heart with one look.

Dog Names Based on Celebrities

  • Aaliyah — is excellent for dogs that enjoy living by their own rules.

  • Aretha — exclusive to original divas only.

  • Barbara — superb for female dogs with a loud bark, like Streisand.

  • Beyoncé — who wouldn’t want to name their pooch after this iconic artist.

  • Naomi — if your bow-bow exhibits beauty and a no-nonsense attitude — Naomi is spot on, just like the supermodel.

Dog Names Based on Strong Female Characters

  • Natasha — Marvel’s the Black Widow — exquisite for a dog with beauty and strength of character.

  • Rogue — belongs to a very powerful character in the X-men franchise. So if you enjoyed the movies, you could name your dog after her.

  • Sansa —  this name is a delightful moniker for a female dog with a willful personality.

  • Moana — this is an ideal name for small-stature dogs with a big bark.

Dog Names Inspired by Goddesses

  • Amazon — represents a superior race of female warriors in Greek mythology.
  • Aphrodite — the Greek goddess of love.
  • Athena — the Greek goddess of war, an ideal name if your dog is pugnacious.
  • Diana — aka Wonder Woman — named after the Roman goddess of hunting.
  • Minerva — the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
  • Phoenix — According to Greek mythology, it’s the bird that rises again from the ashes. It’s an excellent name for your dog with a “never say die” attitude.
  • Valkyrie — a female Viking warrior.
  • Venus — a tremendously popular goddess name, fitting for a sassy princess dog.

Tips for Selecting a Dog Name

Dog names with attitude should connote strength and force and promote imagery. We know that dogs are loyal and intelligent, and naming them based on their attitude can help them perfect such attributes better. 

Yet, consider the following factors when choosing a title for your tail-wagger.

  • Avoid complex names with more than two syllables, making it easier for your dog to learn.

  • Ensure the name is appropriate — avoid controversial or offensive titles. Take your time to make a good choice.

  • Make sure your dog finds their name easy to distinguish. Words ending with the letters ‘A’ or ‘Y’ are dog-friendly.


This article has provided several bases for naming your dog. The onus now rests on you as the owner to select a fitting moniker. However, you must understand that your canine will likely be your close companion for the next 10 to 15 years. Hence, this will be key in selecting the proper dog name with attitude.