20 Dogs That Look Like Foxes

dogs that look like foxes.

Because of their intriguing look, foxes are particularly fascinating creatures. This is why  some think they’d make awesome canine companions. Yet, we must remember, they’re wild animals, thus not meant to be domesticated.

So, if you’d love your very own, why not try the next best thing — dogs that look like foxes. 

We’ve put together 20 prime examples, from Red fox to Arctic fox like dog breeds.

Why Foxes Don’t Make Good Pets

Although they look quite cute, foxes typically lead solitary lives, away from people. They’ve proven difficult to control because of the latter. As a result, they struggle to be domesticated. Additionally, they frequently cannot coexist with other pets (such as dogs or cats). 

Despite this, some individuals believe that foxes make ideal pets, but they soon realize they have made a mistake.  This is due to the animal impulses that they still possess, which constantly keep them awake and active at night. Additionally, their natural behavior to dig and mark their territory will inevitably lead to damage in your home.

20 Fox Like Dog Breeds — Our Picks

When you start searching, it’s surprising to see how many fox looking dog breeds you can find. To show you what we mean, we’ve picked 20 of them.

Red Fox Looking Dog Breeds

1. Akita

dogs that look like fox akita.

The Akita originally came from mountainous areas of Japan, and they’re still used today as guard and hunting dogs.  

This pooch gains a spot on our fox-type dog breed for appearance — the Akita has fox-like ears, coat color, and a pointed muzzle. Akitas are considered very clean and good-natured. However, these dogs don’t get along well with other animals. Because they’re reluctant to share.

2. Pomsky

dogs that look like fox pomsky.

The Pomsky is a mixed breed dog that looks like a fox, a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. As a hybrid, this pooch currently lacks an official standard from doggy organizations, like the AKC.

Both Pomsky parents share many visual similarities with a fox. So, it's not surprising that their offspring follow suit. 

This breed is very loyal, albeit tricky to train, and has a strong hunting instinct. Plus, brushing is literally a constant job because these dogs shed a lot.

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

dogs that look like fox pembroke welsh corgi.

Corgi in Welsh means ‘dwarf dog,’ and this breed originated in Pembroke, Wales. Hence, you end up with the name, Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Admittedly, with short legs and a long body, their shape bears little resemblance to that of a fox. But the coat color, head, and ears look very fox-like.

Corgis are excellent shepherds. They’re very intelligent,  affectionate, and sensitive at the same time, but this little dog that looks like a fox does bark quite a bit.

4. Icelandic Dog

The Icelandic Dog is a Spitz-type breed that’s a super-loyal shepherd dog. They have ears typical of foxes and a pointed muzzle. The coat color also matches their canine cousin. However, they also come in black.

These dogs are considered very affectionate, friendly, and playful. They’re also very obedient and easy to train, making them ideal for first-time owners. That said, the Icelandic Dog has such a strong herding instinct, they’ve been known to stop cars from driving away.

5. Finnish Spitz

dogs that look like fox finnish spitz.

Originating from Scandinavia, the Finnish Spitz is a dog with a good track record for tracking.  They could point hunters in the right direction through their constant barking.

The Finkie owes its fox-like appearance to its fur color, ear shape, and pointed muzzle. However, their physique is a bit bulkier to that of foxes. 

 Extremely intelligent, independent, playful, and happy, and they have a quirky sound — when the Finnish Spitz barks, it’s akin to a yodeling noise.

6. Pomeranian

dogs that look like fox pomeranian.

Pomeranians come in more than 20 different colors. With a red and white coat, the dogs can also be tagged as “miniature foxes.” In addition, their ears and muzzle are also very similar to those of foxes. However, their bodies are much shorter and generally smaller.

A Pomeranian that looks like a fox is very trusting, playful, and calm. They therefore mostly serve as lap dogs. However, they’re sometimes used as therapy dogs.

7. Chihuahua (Long-Haired)

dogs that look like fox chihuahua.

Chihuahuas come in short and long coats. The latter in particular has similarities with a fox from the front — with a little imagination.

The world's smallest dog breed, Chihuahuas weigh a mere 6 pounds. Yet, despite being a small dog that looks like a fox, they’re very courageous little canines, but also yappy. Chihuahuas are loving, friendly, and watchful. Plus, their pint size stature makes them popular lap dogs.

8. Shiba Inu

dogs that look like fox shiba inu.

Shiba Inus are very similar to Akitas. They also hail as a Japanese dog that looks like a fox and was mainly used for hunting. Because of their coat color and forward-facing ears, they look a lot like foxes. 

They’re also very clean doggies and take care of themselves in a similar way to cats. Yet, while friendly and kind-hearted, Shiba Inus are difficult to train. Hence, may not be the best choice for newbie dog parents.

9. Papillon

dogs that look like fox papillon.

Papillon comes from French and means “butterfly.” This is because their ears are shaped like this colorful insect when their fur is long. Depending on the color of the coat, the dog's face can also look like a fox’s. However, their physique is significantly shorter and more narrow.

Papillons are very easy to care for, calm, and playful. They’re also very intelligent and friendly by nature compared to other dogs.

10. Canaan Dog

dogs that look like fox canaan dog.

The Canaan Dog is also known as the Israel Spitz. In particular, the muzzle, eyes, and ears are very fox-like, plus the trademark bushy tail. The dogs are also just as alert and agile as foxes. 

Canaans are shrewd, self-assured, and proud. They'll wind up "controlling" owners who haven’t assumed the position of alpha in the household. Early instruction and socializing are essential.

11. Basenji

dogs that look like fox basenji.

Coming from Central Africa, the Basenji is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Their fox-like similarities include coat color, big ears, and a long muzzle. What’s more, standing 16 inches tall they’re comparable in height, but the Basenji is heavier.

The Basenji is easy to care for — thanks to their cat-like cleanliness — intelligent, and curious. These dogs also shed very little and are very playful — and they can’t bark.

12. German Spitz

dogs that look like fox german spitz.

The German Spitz originated in – you guessed it – Germany. They make the best watchdog for the home because they’re aloof around strangers and don’t possess hunting instincts.

This dog owes their fox-like appearance to their nose, ears, and the color of their fur and not forgetting, their bushy tail. However, the toy/medium versions of this breed are significantly smaller compared to the fox. 

The German Spitz is constantly alert, animated, and incredibly dedicated to its owner. They are incredibly easy to train and also very responsive, therefore ideal for beginners.

13. Jindo Dog

dogs that look like fox jindo dog.

The Jindo Dog is native to Korea, where this breed served mainly as a hunting and guard dog. From afar, these dogs are more often mistaken for foxes. This is not only due to their appearance — erect ears and foxy face — but also to their similar gait.

In addition, these dogs are considered very brave, loyal, and active. However, Jindo Dogs can also be very stubborn and therefore need an experienced owner. They also aren’t great around other canines.

Arctic/Silver Fox Looking Dogs

14. Volpino Italiano

dogs that look like fox volpino italiano.

The Volpino Italiano is a breed of dog that originated in Italy. They’re also closely related to the Spitz group and serve primarily as lap dogs.

This breed comes in two colors — white (the most popular) and red. Hence, depending on the Volpino’s coat, they resemble the Arctic or the Red fox. And, their pointy ears round off that foxy face nicely. 

They can be quite reserved around strangers, but they’re very affectionate with their families. Incidentally, there are said to be fewer than 3,000 of these dogs on the planet.

15. Samoyed

dogs that look like fox samoyed.

Samoyeds are originally from Serbia and are closely related to another wild canine — the wolf. These pooches served mainly as both sled dogs and hunters.

In appearance, the Samoyed is a white dog that looks like a fox — especially the Arctic kind. However, this breed is known to be very friendly, playful, and easy to get along with. In fact, Sammies are super sociable, they thrive around their family.

16. Wolfspitz

dogs that look like fox wolfspitz.

Also known as the Keeshond, the Wolfsspitz is originally from Holland. Despite being named after another canine relation, the Wolfspitz looks very similar to a silver fox. The face resembles a fox — erect v-shaped ears, and a pointy nose — and their coat comes in various combinations of black, silver, and gray. 

This breed is known to be super playful, extremely sociable, and their eagerness to please makes them easy to train.

17. American Eskimo Dog

dogs that look like fox american eskimo dog.

Contrary to general expectations, the American Eskimo Dog doesn’t come from America, but from Germany. To be more precise, it descends from the German Spitz. Because of their white fur and fox-like head shape, these dogs look like Arctic foxes. 

Friendly, intelligent, and everyone is their best buddy, even strangers. This white dog that looks like a fox was originally bred for helping around farms. However, their immense willingness to learn and perform even took them to the circus big top.

18. Japanese Spitz

dogs that look like fox japanese spitz.

Another Spitz-type breed, this time from Japan. By now, you’re seeing the trend — in that, this dog group all bear a strong resemblance to foxes. The Japanese breed is no exception — here too it’s primarily down to the ears and the shape of the muzzle.

The Japanese Spitz is very intelligent, loyal, and playful. You could say they’re canine comedians — they do and repeat anything that makes their family laugh.

19. Schipperke

dogs that look like fox schipperke.

The Schipperke — meaning little captain in Flemish — has their origin in Belgium, where they were mainly used for catching rats and watching over canal boats in their native land. As they have a black coat, they look very much like the melanistic silver fox. The shape of the ears and the muzzle also resembles that of a fox.

This breed is curious, confident, and alert, just like Mr. Fox. The Schipperke is also smart but can be stubborn, so could be a handful for the first-time doggy parent.

20. Indian Spitz

dogs that look like fox indian spitz.

The Indian Spitz is also said to be descended from the German Spitz. Visually, this breed bears strong resemblances to an Arctic fox. Because in addition to the coat color — white, this dog also has triangular ears and facial features typical of foxes.

These dogs are considered very active, obedient, and lovable. However, they must be accustomed to other animals early to get along with them.

Final Thoughts

These are a few of the dogs that resemble this cunning, yet remarkably clever canine. They aren’t a single breed and shouldn't be handled as one, just because they appear to be fox dog breeds.

If you’ve always been fond of foxes, why not settle for one of these dogs that looks like foxes instead. You could have your very own fabulous furry friend.

Dog Breed That Looks Like a Fox FAQs

What Breed of Dog Looks Like a Fox?

The Shiba could be one of the best-known canines with fox-like appearances. The Shiba Inu is the most well-known pet dog breed in Japan, made popular by the "doge" meme.

What Dog is Closest Related to a Fox?

Canids, which include dogs, wolves, and foxes, constitute one species of animal.

Do Foxes Ever Mate With Dogs?

It's debatable whether it's possible to have a dog-fox hybrid, and there isn't a lot of information available about this cross. Particularly, it appears that there aren't any dog-fox hybrids in the historical records.

Can Foxes Bond With Humans?

Foxes tend to dislike everyone and only form close relationships with one or two people. There are, of course, exceptions, but generally speaking, being around someone other than their bonded partner for an extended period will stress them out to the point that it endangers their health.

Can a Fox Be a Pet?

In actuality, they make terrible pets, and in many places, possessing one is prohibited by law. Due to their lack of domestication, foxes are regarded as wild animals. Foxes struggle to adapt to indoor life, in contrast to other creatures that have been bred to get along with humans, such as dogs and cats.

Are Foxes Smarter Than Dogs?

Foxes are exceptionally intelligent in the important areas of locating food, enduring adverse weather conditions, evading predators, and guarding their young.