Long Haired French Bulldog Is It Even a Thing or Dog Breed?

Long Haired French Bulldog.

Long Haired French Bulldog — Is There Such a Breed?

The Frenchie has seen an upward trend in popularity, and given their cute looks and loveable temperament that’s not surprising. However, their close relative, the Long Haired French Bulldog, while just as adorable, isn’t so well-known. 

These fluffy tail-waggers share many traits with the traditional Bulldog breeds. Yet, due to their distinctive features, particularly their coat, there have been numerous debates concerning the breed's integrity. Pay attention to the Hairy Frenchie Bulldog with lengthy hair! Let's solve the puzzle behind the misconception.

What Are Long Haired French Bulldogs?

It didn't take long for the Frenchie to be among the best US-renowned breeds. In certain nations, especially the UK, their popularity has already surpassed that of a Labrador Retriever.

That said, many Frenchie families, as well as some inexperienced breeders, find it difficult to picture a long-haired kind because, traditionally, French Bulldogs have a short coat. 

However, these dogs share many similar traits with the standard French Bulldog. Here’s a quick roundup of the long-haired breed facts:


Male: 20 to 28 pounds

Female: 16 to 24 pounds


11 to 13 inches

Life Expectancy

Between 10 to 12 years

How Does a Long Hair Frenchie Look?

The long-haired variant of the Frenchie is very similar to the standard type in many aspects:

  • Comparable in stature and build. 

  • They have bat ears, as is typical of the breed.

  • Both have a square head, and flat nose/face with facial folds.

  • The size of male French Bulldogs is slightly bigger than that of the females.

However, the medium-length coat, which is the major attraction draw, covers the chest, back, ears, and head. The coat has a scruffy — yet fluffy appearance, that you’ll want to pet and snuggle at any time.

How Does the French Bulldog Become Long Haired?

OK, here’s the science.

It’s believed that having long hair in French Bulldogs is thanks to a recessive genetic trait.

When two Frenchies carrying this long-hair gene get together, the result is long-haired Frenchie puppies. 

However, this gene can be carried by both long and short-haired Bulldogs. As long as they have it in their genetic makeup, you have the chance of producing a French Bulldog with long hair. 

French Bulldogs harboring two copies of the long hair gene (from both parents) have a distinctive long coat, whereas those with only one copy don’t have this trait. 

Although we’re not talking about a Maltese-floor-length type of coat — it'll make the dog look fluffy and incredibly cuddly. 

This trait, caused by the long hair gene, is also caused by several recessive mutations. The Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene mutation causes this dog to share traits with other long-haired dogs.
long haired frenchie.

Is the French Bulldog With Long Hair a Purebred?

The definition of a purebred is when the parents of the offspring are of the same breed. 

So, this means Long Haired French Bulldogs are not hybrids, they are indeed pure.

That said, the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize the Long-Haired Bulldog. In fact, if you check the organization’s Frenchie standards, anything other than a short, smooth coat is classed as a disqualification. Hence, you won’t be able to participate in doggy competitions, including AKC dog shows. 

However, kennel culture is changing, and these uncommon dogs are now cherished and prized. Purebred pups showing unique, albeit untraditional, characteristics are no longer commonly alleged to be hybrids. 

And, where it was once avoided, this u-turn in opinion has seen certain breeders concentrating on the long-hair gene exclusively for producing fluffy Frenchie litters.

Long Hair Frenchies — Temperament Traits

Placid, loyal, and playful, the Long Hair Frenchie is much like their short-haired counterparts. They’re easy-going dogs, they don’t bark much, and their energy levels aren’t through the roof either.

Additionally, they're incredibly sociable. Therefore, after bringing a Frenchie home — consider getting another, because they don’t like being left on their own for too long.

Potential Health Issues for Long Haired Bulldogs

Providing your Long Haired French Bulldog comes from a reputable breeder, their health should be comparable to those of their short-haired cousins. 

However, like their short-coated Frenchie family, it means they’re susceptible to various health issues:

  • Respiratory — they’re a brachycephalic breed (flat-faced), which can lead to breathing problems. 
  • Skin conditions — due to their skin folds, Frenchies are prone to irritation, bacterial buildup, and inflammation.
  • Conjunctivitis — pink eye is another common complaint. Another issue related to their facial structure, they’re more prone to picking up bacteria around the eyes.

Colors of Long Haired French Bulldogs

A French Bulldog with long hair can have any hue that short-haired Bulldogs have since the genes that determine fur length are independent of those that determine color. The AKC recognizes fawn, cream, white, and brindle. Plus, piebald and brindle, white or black markings, and a black mask. 

Additionally, there are other non-official colors among breeders:

  • Blue.

  • Chocolate and tan. 

  • Blue and tan. 

  • Blue merle.

  • Lilac.

Grooming and Shedding Hairy Frenchies

Short-haired Frenchies are low-shedders, and their coat maintenance needs aren’t demanding. However, if you want your Longhair Bulldog’s coat to remain in a healthy condition it requires a little more attention. They also shed a little more. 

Additionally, long hair draws dirt and grime faster, necessitating extra effort. A brush once a week should do the trick. But also, it will encourage the production of natural oils, keeping the coat looking glossy. As for baths, as and when needed — too frequently will cause the skin to dry out and lead to irritation.

What’s more, don’t forget the daily cleaning of their skin folds, it will help prevent infections. But alongside walks and activities, it should be a regular part of everyday life.

Is the Long Hair French Bulldog Family Friendly?

The Long Hair French Bulldog will typically make the ideal family pet when adequately cared for and treated. They’re fantastic with kids and other dogs, and they’ll want to be everyone’s best buddy. 

Bulldogs are very laid back and they’re eager to please, so if you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded with a well-behaved canine companion. Like most dogs, this breed does well with positive reinforcement and reward-based training. 

Given their size and activity levels, the long-haired French Bulldog will fit right into urban apartment living or a life in the country.

What Is the Long Hair Frenchie Price?

A rare breed, Long Haired Frenchies are generally hard to come by. Yet, as awareness and popularity increase, this is changing. 

But, these dogs continue to be expensive. The cost will depend on the reputation of the breeder, the heritage of the parents, even coat color, and obviously, demand — people are willing to pay the price for exclusivity. And, females are priced higher than males. 

Simply said, you can expect to pay anything from $5,000 to $15,000.

Similar to any other canine, there are other costs to factor into being a pet parent. 

Food, toys, veterinary care, pet insurance, and other everyday doggy supplies must also be covered.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal dog for your family doesn’t need to be a challenge. If you need a four-legged friend who will be devoted, amusing, and great with kids — fluffy Frenchies possess all of these characteristics.

The Long Haired French Bulldog is remarkable. The genetic anomaly distinguishes them from their short-haired relatives. Yet they also share those endearing and entertaining traits. And, although super expensive because of their relative rarity, you can’t deny, these dogs are absolutely adorable.

Long Haired French Bulldog FAQs

Is There Such a Thing as a Long Hair French Bulldog?

Yes. Long-haired French Bulldogs exist, although few of you have ever seen one. They literally look like a French Bulldog with long hair — the same body shape and bat ears. But, on their heads, the hair is typically wavy and longer; the hair on the back is slightly shorter.

Are Frenchies High Maintenance?

In terms of health problems, yes, they can be. The French Bulldog breed is vulnerable to several potential health issues. In fact, studies have found that this breed is at a higher risk (37.5 percent) of common doggy disorders compared to other breeds.

Are Fluffy Frenchies Purebred?

Yes. Fluffy or hairy Frenchies are purebred and unaltered. Contrary to popular belief, they're not a mixed breed. It’s challenging to breed Frenchies with the qualities that make them so rare.

Is Getting a Frenchie Worth It?

The friendly and playful nature of Frenchies is well recognized.

Considering how well-suited they are to families and children, French Bulldogs make excellent friends for all lifestyles. This breed also gets along well with other animals, but don't leave your Frenchie alone for too long — they'll miss you dearly.

How Much Is a Long Haired French Bulldog?

The cost of a hairy Frenchie can vary depending on several factors, such as location, breeder, and the dog's bloodline. On average, they can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. 

However, it is essential to note that a high price tag does not guarantee a healthy or high-quality dog. It is important to research and find a reputable breeder who can provide information about the dog's health and genetic history.

Can French Bulldogs Be Long Haired?

Yes. French Bulldogs can have long hair. This is due to the recessive gene they must inherit from both parents, which produces the coat. Breeding these dogs has been avoided by many in the past, yet in recent times they have become increasingly sought after by pet owners, prompting breeders to attempt to reproduce them.

Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Rare?

Yes. Due to the rarity of the LH (long hair) gene, fluffy French Bulldogs are exceedingly uncommon. For a pup to have long hair, it must receive two LH genes, as the trait is recessive, while carriers of the gene typically have the standard short hair.

What Breed Makes a Long Haired French Bulldog?

Creating a French Bulldog with a fluffy coat is possible by carefully selecting and breeding two French Bulldogs that both have a specific long-hair gene. When present in both parents, this gene can give rise to French Bulldogs with longer and fluffier coats that deviate from the breed's standard short and smooth coat.