Non Shedding Dogs for Toddlers — Allergy-Friendly K9s for Kids

best dog for kids that don't shed.

Non Shedding Dogs for Toddlers

The best non shedding dogs for toddlers maintain a patient, but joyful temperament, yet most importantly — are less likely to trigger allergies.

And, as a new mom myself, one of the most difficult things to balance is the cleanliness of my home. Kid friendly dogs that don’t shed are also a complete game changer for busy parents. Those who don’t have time to worry about constant vacuuming, but strive to find a loyal companion to grow with their kiddos.

So, if you’re looking to add the perfect allergy-friendly addition — or ‘low chores’ canine — to your booming family, we’ve picked seven of the best non shedding dogs for kids to get you started.

7 Best Dogs for Toddlers That Don’t Shed.

Although a low-allergen coat is an essential part of your criteria, when you’re looking for the perfect pup for your family there are other factors to consider. 

What size pup is too large or too small? How much time you have to exercise a pup will determine what energy level you may be looking for. And, if you’re a multi-child family, the number of kids you have, and how old they are affects which pup works best for you. 

Dogs are not “one size fits all” for any family. Not only does your canine’s personality have to mirror what you’re looking for, but it’s crucial to ensure every member of your family desires the traits your new pup exhibits. As in, if your children are high energy, you need a pup that can keep up, while if you have an easygoing household, a lap dog is more your style. 

Below, we’ve handpicked pups from all walks of doggy life that share two main qualities — non-shedding, and great with kids!

1. Havanese

best non shedding dogs for kids havanese.

The Havanese has made the top of many fantastic lists with us, all of which highlight their affectionate personalities and lack of shedding fur. These beautiful, silky-coated canines prefer to spend their days snuggling on the couch and crave as much attention as you're willing to give them! They’re wonderful with children of all ages. 

With a lifespan of between 14-16 years, bringing home a Havanese pup almost guarantees your toddler will grow up with a lifetime of memories with their favorite family friend. This small breed weighs 7-13 pounds and is 8.5-11.5 inches tall, making them the perfect size for a young family. 

These hypoallergenic kid friendly dogs require regular grooming and daily brushing to protect their coats from matting and tangles. For the pups with light fur, tear stains can develop if their eyes are not wiped frequently.

2. Italian Greyhound

best non shedding dogs for kids italian greyhound.

Italian Greyhounds, or Iggys, are famous for their bouncy, energetic personalities. These pups are gentle and kind, but can be the perfect playmate for lively little ones. They have a best-of-both-worlds personality, in that, they’re rambunctious and fun but also calm and cuddly. And, at the end of the day — once the kids are in bed — they love to curl up on your lap and chill with you

Iggys are natural jokesters and love to bring laughter into any home. Their short coats aid in their hypoallergenic status and maintenance. They require minimal grooming, but they do need regular dental care. 

Weighing 7-14 pounds and measuring 13-15 inches in height, their toy size and slender build means Iggys are unlikely to knock your toddler off their feet during fun time. On average, they will live to be 14-15, providing years of joy and laughter for your entire family.

3. Bichon Frise

non shedding kid friendly dog bichon frise.

Canine comedians at their finest, the Bichon Frise has to be one of the best small dogs for kids that’s no shedding. They’re incredibly well-rounded companions, proving to do well with children of all ages, other pets, and visitors alike! Knowing no stranger, they thrive in a bustling environment. With their level-headed temperament, Bichons are incredibly tolerant of temperamental toddlers. 

They have a beautiful hypoallergenic coat that can be described as velvety. However, Bichons should be brushed once a day, and professionally groomed at least once a month. Grooming can be time-consuming, but very easy in comparison to other pups.

Since they’re confident in any social situation, they’re great dogs for city living, fast-paced families, and first-time doggy owners. This breed typically weighs 12-18 pounds, measures 9.5-11.5 inches tall, and lives roughly 14-15 years. 

4. Border Terrier

hypoallergenic kid friendly dog border terrier.

At face value, Border Terriers are as “no nonsense” as they come — tough and rugged while at work or protecting their family. At home, it’s an entirely different story, being spunky and playful, yet gentle and level-headed, the Border Terrier brings the pros of many personalities to the table. 

Borders were bred for the country, but can happily live in compact spaces if they’re exercised enough due to their smaller size — height 12-15 inches and weight 11.5-15.5 pounds. They’re also very unique and recognizable with the cutest “otter head.” They’re known to get along well with kids and other dogs, but are inclined to chase cats or small animals since they have such a high prey drive. 

To maintain a Border’s wiry coat, brush them every week or two. They have a double coat, of which the outer layer repels dirt. This means bathtime could compromise its integrity. So, a brush and a towel is all that’s required to clean up a dirty Border Terrier.

5. Samoyed

non shedding kid friendly dog samoyed.

Also known as “Sammies,” Samoyeds are spunky and social. They crave interaction nearly 24/7, much like a toddler! Their tolerance for children of all ages is very high, making them a world-renowned playmate. 

Sammies are unique, with their beautiful white double coat that produces very little dander, although they do shed seasonally. Referred to as “smiling sled dogs,” for their hardworking nature, and their gorgeous, yet functional grin. The tilt of their lips prevents them from drooling. This combo makes them hypoallergenic, and far less likely to leave drool marks on the couch cushions! 

Samoyeds typically have a weight range of 35-65 pounds, 19-23.5 inches in height, and a 12-14 year life expectancy. They’re brilliant pups, yet require consistent, structured training and lots of walkies.

6. Standard Schnauzer

non shedding kid friendly dog standard schnauzer.

Bold and reliable, the Standard Schnauzer fits the job for a foolproof home security system. Schnauzers are loyal and protective, driven to keep their family safe at all times. Despite their upfront personalities with strangers, Schnauzers are incredibly gentle and affectionate with their loved ones. 

Standing 17-19.5 inches tall and weighing 30-50 pounds, the Schnauzer has a robust frame. They have a wiry, hypoallergenic coat that requires regular professional grooming. It’s recommended to clip their top coat to maintain softness and minimize shedding even more. 

A working breed, the Schnauzer is energetic and thrives on playing with their companions as much as possible. They’re fantastic with children of all ages and serve as a full-time playmate to the kiddos. Because of their high intelligence level, they catch on very quickly during training, but can lose interest equally as fast.

7. Standard Poodle

hypoallergenic kid friendly dog standard poodle.

One of the longest-living breeds, for a whopping 10-18 years, the Standard Poodle can quite literally aid in raising your babies. Weighing 40-70 pounds and measuring over 15 inches in height, being a living teddy bear is the Poodle’s forte. Gentle and fun-loving, these dogs that don’t shed can fit into any family dynamic. 

Poodles of all sizes, toy, miniature, and standard, are known for their low allergen, curly coats. This breed can pull off many haircuts and styles, but they’re also high maintenance. Daily brushing is a must, unless you choose to clip them short. 

They’re also super intelligent, taking quickly to training with a gentle hand. They know few strangers, and once they decide on their people, their loyalty is a given. Poodles are also very energetic, but play great with children regardless of age, as well as the occasional other pup.

Final Thoughts

Most people believe a stigma that kids and canines don’t mix, but luckily that simply isn’t true! There is an entire world of non shedding kid friendly dogs to explore, and hopefully, we helped you find your favorite. 

Many kid friendly dog breeds that don’t shed get overlooked because potential pet owners just don’t know how to find them! All in all, with the proper research and training, even rambunctious toddlers can find their perfect pup to grow and learn with, regardless of allergies or energy levels. 

One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for a fabulous, loyal companion to introduce into your young family, these non shedding dogs for toddlers will fail to disappoint!

Non Shedding Dogs for Toddlers FAQs

What Makes a Dog Good for Toddlers?

A dog that’s good for toddlers is patient and gentle, while simultaneously energetic and playful. They should want to be around children, and thrive in an environment geared for youngsters. 

Are Hypoallergenic Dogs Better for Toddlers?

Although not all toddlers suffer from dog allergies, it’s best to prevent them from being exposed to triggers, like dander, pollen, dust, etc., on a day-to-day basis. By eliminating the extra fur and dander in the home, toddlers are at a lower risk for developing respiratory issues. 

What Causes Dog Allergies?

Dogs can carry and develop multiple allergens found in their dander, saliva, and urine. If a person has a negative reaction to any of these, the dog can act as a host exposing them to said allergens. 

Are All Dogs Kid Friendly?

Any dog breed can be good with children, but not all breeds are easily trainable to do so. Each dog is different based on their past experiences, level of training, and overall personality. Some breeds are more inclined to take to children easier. 

Are There Non Shedding Dogs of All Sizes?

Yes, non shedding dogs can range from toy classification to giant. There are many different breeds of non shedding dogs found in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

What Breed of Dog is the Most Child Friendly?

Although the Labrador Retriever doesn’t fit into our “non-shedding” category, they have an undisputed reputation for being wonderful family dogs. Labs are friendly and outgoing, and super tolerant with children, strangers, and other animals alike.