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Hypoallergenic Dogs


Who doesn’t love the attention and love from our four legged family members? Can you imagine not seeing that wagging tail and nose pressed to the window when you pull into the driveway? Well, unfortunately, there are many people whom will never know that love due to allergies. The dander our dogs produce is highly […]

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What Can Dogs Eat and What Can’t Dogs Eat?


Disclaimer: I am by no means a vet – at all. This article was written through lots of research and I formulated, to the best of my ability, my own opinion. If you are in doubt of feeding your pet any food, on this list or not, do not do it. If your pet has […]

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German Shepherd Training


If you’ve come home to your German shepherd after a long day’s work, only to find that he chewed his way to the inside of your couch, gave the cat a nervous breakdown, or ate your favorite shoe, you are not alone. Thousands of otherwise happy German shepherd owners find that this breed comes with […]

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A Guide for Teaching Your Dog How to Fetch

how to teach dog fetch

You would be wrong thinking that pretty much any dog is great at playing the good old game of fetch. In fact, most k9s needs lots of training, patience and dedication before becoming excellent at retrieving toys that you throw while playing. Every pooch is great for running and chasing things but when it comes […]

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5 Best Dog Breeds for Playing Frisbee Fetch

best frisbee dog breeds

Playing a game of fetch with your pet can be a very relaxing and yet a very beneficial experience for the both of you. Remember that you too are excessing along with your k9 which is always great for staying fit and healthy. Of course, since humans are also not great at every sport, not […]

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5 Steps of Teaching Your Dog to Play with Frisbee

teach your dog to play frisbee

Any kind of play activity with your pet is a very positive and fulfilling experience. Not only are you both enjoying spending time together and bonding, you are also effectively exercising. Daily activity is an important requirement for keeping your doggie happy. In case you don’t already know, Frisbee toys are available for k9s too […]

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How to Guide: First Outdoor Activity with Your Dog

first dog park visit

Every pet owner must know that after a period when their puppy stays in the comfort of a home, comes a time when you go out for a first walk. And what a better place for your first outdoor activity than a park with plenty of other playful doggies and their owners. Your pooch will […]

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Best Dog Breeds for Non-Urban Dwellers

dog breeds for rural living

While most of the modern society relies on people in the city areas to keep the business booming and cash flowing in for corporate interest, being outside of all that noise and traffic does have its perks. First of all, those that live beyond outer city limits experience less stress and enjoy the nature more. […]

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Knowing When to Hire a Dog Walker

should you hire a dog walker

Modern life demands many working hours which make it difficult for people to sometimes find enough, if any free time, for their pets waiting at home. Those who own an active dog breed that needs plenty of daily exercises are in the worst possible position. In order to keep their very energetic k9 healthy and […]

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Cool Videos of Dogs Playing With iFetch

dogs playing with iFetch

We have collected a couple of videos in one convenient place so that current and future owners of iFetch automatic ball launcher can see how doggies happily run around playing with it. Seeing them joyfully running around and chasing those blue balls around will surely bring a smile to your face and a fuzzy warm feeling […]

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