Here is Why You Shouldn’t Play Fetch with Wood Sticks with your Dog

dog fetch stick toy

While this headline might raise some eyebrows – the truth of the matter is that there is a possibility of endangering your dog’s life if you use tree sticks and branches when playing fetch. This BBC report makes a strong point to the matter. The write up examines the possibility of permanent health issues and even death that might occur if your pet swallows small parts of fragile sticks. This is exactly the same reason why owners shouldn’t let their pooches chew on bones – because of the possibility of a choking hazard.

This article by BBC quotes the president of British Veterinary Association – Sean Wensley - who advocates using purpose made dog toys for playing with them. He states that using these tried and tested products ensures that you can safely play fetch with your pet which can’t be guaranteed with tree branches and sticks.

Always Play Safe And Smart With Your Pet

The reasons for this are many. First and foremost – there is a higher chance of injury to your k9 if he bites on fragile branches of wood as small pieces can get lodged in the mouth and throat. This can cause bleeding, infection and even death. Additionally, taking your pet to a veterinarian to remove splinters and sanitise injuries can lead to complicated procedures and risky surgeries.

There are numerous reports from both owners and pet hospitals who receive such cases on a regular basis. What’s even worse is that people are often shocked to what amount of damage a simple play of fetch with tree sticks can do to their beloved pet.

The grim statistic points out that among the dog breeds that experience most injury in this way are Border Collie, the German Shepherd and Labrador. Because these are some of the most active dogs, they are more prone to injuries from playing fetch with tree branches and sticks due to their jaw bite strength.

We Must Ask Unaware Dog Owners – Why Risk Your Dog’s Health In The First Place?

The market is rich with great dog toys shaped in the form of bones and sticks that are durable to chewing and still safe to be used for play. You shouldn’t risk anything since most of these products are tested and certified for use with pets.

Of course, to the dog owners who use a fetching type of dog toys such as iFetch and ChuckIt! launcher this is already a well-known fact. Using these types of safe and tested products and the ones similar to them does not leave even the slightest possibility of injury. Not even after hours of playing with them.


Considering that an established veterinary association had to intervene with a statement - proves that this is a serious matter.

Unfortunately, so many pet owners are unaware of this pressing issue. Our article is here to raise awareness so feel free to educate your fellow dog owner friends and acquaintances and point them in the right direction. Remember that you mean everything in this world to your dog and so you should care for them as best as you can at all times!