Christmas Gifts Buying Guide for Your Dog

dog christmas gifts

When you consider that dogs soon become one of the favourite members of every family, it is only natural that they also get Christmas presents. Our list might give you an idea what to look for when choosing the perfect gift. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Dog Toys

There isn’t a k9 that doesn’t love playing with their very own toys. Once they get used to them, they become inseparable. That is until they completely rip it to shreds. Buying toys for your pooch is a nice way of improving your bond and making it even happier. Just remember the joy you felt when you received your own presents under the Christmas tree.

Our recommendation comes down to automatic ball throwers from well-established manufacturers like iFetch, GoDogGo or PetSafe. You can read our iFetch review to find out all the details about this model.

For those of you who are looking a more conventional fetch toy with an affordable price then perhaps frisbees and throwing sticks might be a better choice. You can even opt to buy some this fancy new, glow in the dark fetch toy that enables you to play with your k9 even during the night.

When it comes to toys, there are countless models and types to choose from, so make sure to browse our website and read all about some of the best ones that are currently available on the market.

2. Doggie Treats

Dogs love all kinds of treats so going with them as a Christmas gift is a perfect way to make your pet very happy. Since it is a special occasion you might want to go with a larger quantity or even buy some custom-made ones from your pet store. For those of you with proficient culinary skills perhaps it would be best to make and bake your own love infused treats. Go online and you will find a bunch of great recipes that will help you create a delicious present for your k9.

3. Sweaters and Booties

In some countries, Christmas is followed by snow and cold, which means that getting a cosy and warm sweater for your doggie is a nice choice. If you add booties for the paws into the mix - you have a well-rounded present that will keep your k9 warm during the winter season. We recommend both of these if your k9 doesn’t have plenty of fur. Wearing booties on the paws and sweater over the body will keep it warm when you go out to play even when it is cold or snowing outside.

4. Dog Houses

Why not do something really special for your pet for Christmas? Renovate the dog house or in case you don’t have one - buy it or make it yourself.

If you already have one, then a simple paint job and use of bright colours can mean all the difference to your doggie. You will freshen up the design and add a touch of flair to its home.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller k9 that sleeps in a basket – treating him with a brand new, proper house will make it very happy. If you know your way with power tools – you can easily make a simple doggie house using readily available materials. You can even go online and watch and read guides from people who already did the very same thing.

5. Personalized Tags

Instead of using boring ID tags or not using any at all – you can choose to create personalized tags that will make your k9 stand out from the crowd! It is up to you to decide what goes written onto these tags and as such, you can make them as creative and unique just the way you want it. Unlike conventional doggie IDs, these custom ones can store more information which also makes them more useful and convenient. They do not cost too much which makes them great value and a very nice gift for your pet.


Shopping for Christmas gifts always brings so much joy. Deciding what to get for your dog can be a very fulfilling experience. No matter what type of present you choose to buy – always make sure that the toys you purchase are safe and will not harm your dog. Be as creative as you can and you will surely surprise your k9 in the best possible way!