How to Ensure Safety of Dog Toys

dog fetch toy safety

Taking care of your dog should be a number one priority of every responsible owner. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has a useful guide for dog owners who would like to know how to properly care for their pets and keep them healthy. Just think how happy you were when you first took your puppy into your hands. That moment of happiness is what your pet experiences every time it is near you. In a way, it already is a member of your family so why not always treat it as such?

Considering The Dangers Of Using Untested Dog Toys

Understandably, some people do not bother to take notice of the quality of the dog toys they buy and use when playing with their pets. We know that most people value their hard-earned money and want to save on some products they buy, but this must not be the case when buying play toys for your k9. Some even use the toys intended for kids and give it to their child-friendly dogs as a way of savings. If you have done so and continue still - this bad practice and you should stop at once! Using toys that are not tested nor intended for pets can cause serious injury to your pets!

Checking Up On The Quality Of Dog Toys

We strongly suggest that you go through all of your dog’s toys and personally check them for any defects or signs of damage that might endanger the health of your pet. Doing this after each play session ensures that toys will not fail the next time your pooch chews them. All toys deteriorate after a certain period of time and you should be wise to dispose of those when they get worn out. In case you spot a part that will fail soon, replace that toy.

Not doing so might lead to injury of your pet that will have to be taken to the vet for complicated recovery procedures. So why risk it in the first place? Be smart and check dog toys on a regular basis especially if you are an owner of a very active k9.

When purchasing a replacement dog toy – pay attention to quality assurances and certificates of the manufacturer. Some of the cheaper brands use toxic plastic waste that is not suited for animal use. Also, using cheap materials means that they break off easily and can cause serious damage to your dog. Make sure that the toy you intend to buy comes with a pet-safe label. This ensures that it is well tested and safe to use for pets and their owners.

Train Your Dog To Only Play With Its Toys

Your dog must have a habit of only playing with its own toys. It can easily mistake household items as being its playthings which usually leaves serious consequences. Owners don’t pay much attention and the poor pooch suffers in the end.

By playing only with dog toys you will create a good habit that will make your k9 understand its place. Knowing what are its toys and what are your household objects that are off limits is imperative. Train with it and help your pet learn the difference and you will have a peace of mind when you leave it home all by itself.


Do not try to save money when it comes to the well-being of both yourself and your k9. You can always opt to use automatic dog ball shooters from well-known manufacturers such as iFetch and PetSafe that could be a good choice for your pet. Spending more from the start ensures that you won’t have expenses for eventual treatment of your injured pet as a consequence of using cheap dog toys.