Knowing When to Hire a Dog Walker

should you hire a dog walker

Modern life demands many working hours which make it difficult for people to sometimes find enough, if any free time, for their pets waiting at home. Those who own an active dog breed that needs plenty of daily exercises are in the worst possible position. In order to keep their very energetic k9 healthy and happy – they need to dedicate time for their walks and playing sessions each and every day of the week.

Failing to do so is often manifested with some unpleasant consequences that will already further stress out already anxious hard-working owners.

It isn’t unusual to find your apartment in a total state of chaos because your pooch didn’t have anything else to do when locked for hours all alone. If you face these issues then it is just about the time that you consider hiring a professional dog walker.

Daily Exercising Is A Must

Every animal benefits from daily physical activity which helps maintain good health. Regular exercise ensures that dogs stay happy and keeps their body in good shape. Not having time for walks and playing can lead to dog obesity and multiple physical and mental disorders. Also, playing with your doggie benefits both of you.

Since we too need proper exercise – going with our pet for a walk or a run is a great way to stay or become fit. For best results, experts at PetMD recommend around half an hour of daily activity. This will be more than enough since most pooches spend times on all of their four feet and always run about. For those of you who have an active dog breed – around an hour of daily activity is suggested in order to keep them healthy and in the best shape.

This statistical data is also very useful if you are deciding which doggie you want to get. Always consider the daily activity needs before making a choice.

Getting or already owning a dog that is very active without having time to exercise it accordingly will leave both of you unhappy and cause many issues down the road. Hiring a professional dog walker in such case is a must. This will ensure that your pet stays joyful and in great shape even when you are exhausted from work and do not have time for it.

Routine And Daily Schedules

It’s understandable that sometimes you get to work long hours and come home late. No one is to blame and thankfully there is an easy solution for when you are too busy to dedicate attention to your k9. If you already see a pattern of your busy days when you do not have any free time, you know when to schedule a dog walker to replace you. Talk with them and create a timetable that will guarantee regular daily walks, exercise, and nap time. To avoid having troubles with the schedule consider getting the outdoor dog bed for your pet.

Failing to hire a professional will cause some problems that will await you home when you return from a busy day. If you find damaged furniture or notice that your pet is depressed then you know for sure that something has to be done. Such actions that occur when you’re not home is a doggie’s idea to show you that it needs your attention and your presence.

This is more noticeable on breeds of k9s that are used to playing outdoors as they almost immediately try to show you how much they miss both you and time you spend together playing.

Always talk with your dog walker and help them understand what your pet likes and what it wants to do for fun. Also, make sure that they follow the same exercising schedule that your dog is already used too since such a strong habit will somewhat alleviate the lack of your presence. This will also help doggie walker manage your pet with more ease.


We know that the very idea of hiring a stranger to take care of your pooch might seem a bit unappealing at first. Sure, you have to pay for such a service but consider the benefits first (you can read this interesting article and check the prices on Angie's list). You will have more time for resting and you will experience less stress. Also, your schedule will be much more relaxed and manageable.

From our personal experience, having a professional dog walker is a blessing on certain dates when we lack free time for our k9s. By using reputable companies that have a nice customer feedback, you ensure that both you and your pet stay happy, satisfied and healthy.