Indoor Exercise for Your Dog

indoor exercise for dogs

Have you ever found yourself too tired to take your puppy out?

Maybe it is raining like cats and dogs (yes I meant the pun) and you just don’t want to get wet.

How about the cold winter day and the wind is howling, the snow is coming down and you refuse to freeze just so Fido can get a little exercise in. Or even better, you live in an apartment or condo and the dog park is not close, so you need to pack up the car and the toys then drive in a blizzard to get there.

No way! I love my dogs to death, but I am not risking life and limb so they can run around for a little while that is for sure. What would you say if I told you I had the answer for you? That’s right, I found a way to get your dogs all the exercise they can handle and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch.

I introduce to you the indoor doggie treadmill collection. That’s right now you can let your puppy run all they want and more. I know it seems like a crazy idea, and I admit that when I first saw these things at a convention show, I thought the same thing. I was standing there during the demonstration of an indoor doggy treadmill thinking, there is no way anyone is ever going to buy these things.

That was a few years ago, and since then they have become quite popular. Of course, like a lot of things, when they first hit the market these indoor dog exercisers were priced out of the average dog owner’s pocket. During the last couple years, they have both come down in cost due to competition, and have improved in quality.

When it comes to the cost of a gadget such as a doggie treadmill, you have to put it in perspective. This is a luxury item, not a necessity, so you are going to be in it for more than just a few dollars. There are quite a few options that have come to the market lately though and some have gotten to a reasonable cost for an item like this.

When you are looking to purchase your dog treadmill, or indoor dog exerciser, you have to justify it with the value it will bring to you. For me, the value I saw in it, I’ll be it not at first, was that I live in an apartment in a large city with 3 dogs.

For anyone who has or does have a similar living situation, even with one dog, can relate to the fact it is tough to find a good spot to let your dog run. If you couple that with the cost of a daily dog walker, the price tag on one of these units was not too bad.

After some consideration and a bit of research, I purchased my first dog treadmill.

While I was pretty satisfied with my purchase, I found it to be bulky, and it took up a pretty big portion of real estate in my modestly sized living quarters. When I had made the decision to purchase, there were not a great deal of options on the market and the size was close to that of a regular treadmill, which is pretty large in an 1100 square foot apartment.

It really did not bother me much until my girlfriend at the time moved in and then I realized how much space it took up. This was about 2 years after I had initially bought my indoor dog exerciser.

So, I figured that there had to be some improvements in the doggy treadmill design and I went in search of something a bit smaller (I figured it had to be cheaper than a bigger apartment). To my delight, and amazement, the market had expanded tremendously in variety and size of the dog treadmills. I began the search for a new and improved model.

I would like to share with you my findings and opinions on the different models of indoor dog walkers. For those of you whom may find this a convenient way to get your pup some exercise or just to have for the dog that’s in the house all day. Here are the models I checked out and what I thought about them.

gopet treadwheel indoor exercise

Cost: $$$$

Value: 4/5

Max Weight: 150 Pounds

This is the first indoor dog treadmill I had purchased. I really like this one as I described in my above introduction. The down side of this was the size. At dimensions of about 70"H x 35"D x 65"W, it takes up a great deal of real estate. The advantages are, in the design being rounded it fits large dogs, the fact that it requires no electricity, and can be left out for your pup to use anytime. It is made in the USA which is one thing I always try to look for.

The running area is padded for comfort and safety while running and it does feature a training door. The tension control on this indoor dog exerciser lets you increase or decrease the resistance on the wheel. The wheel does tend to move a bit when the dog gets going fast, so I would suggest rubber pads on the feet to keep it in place. The cost is higher than most other units, but the offset of no electricity and the advantage of your pup being able to use it at any time, makes this indoor dog exercise equipment a good buy if you have the space.


• No Electricity Required

• Fits Large Dogs

• Low Maintenance

• Training Door

• Matted Running Surface

• Tension Control

• Made in USA


• Takes Up A Lot of Space

• Higher Initial Cost

GoPet Petrun PR725 Dog Treadmill

Cost: $$$$

Value: 4/5

Max Weight: 175 Pounds

This is a very nice dog treadmill. I like the lower platform and the speed controls. The safety features of this product are also very nice. The emergency stop and remote control are great additions that you will use a lot. I like the chain holder at the front of the unit to keep your puppy from being dragged backward off the treadmill. The speed controls range from ½ MPH to 10 MPH.

This doggy treadmill is also equipped with a silent drive motor making it very quiet. It also has an adjustable incline to make exercise more intense should the higher speed not be enough for your overactive puppy. The other benefit, you can use it if you’re under the weight limit! The fact that this is, again, a large dog exerciser means you will need some space. With dimensions of 90” L x 24” W x 16” H it takes up some floor, but if you have the space it is well worth it.


• Large Tread Area
• Fits Large Dogs
• Changeable Incline
• Remote or Manual Control
• Speed and Timer Control
• Emergency Safety Stop
• Made In USA
• Chain/Leash Holder


• Takes Up A Lot of Space

• Higher Initial Cost

• Cannot Be Used Alone

domestic pet dogpacer mini treadmill interaction

Cost: $$$

Value: 3/5

Max Weight: 55 Pounds

This is an indoor dog treadmill that I liked but would not work for my dogs since they are over the weight limit, but I thought I would throw it in there because it was a pretty nice model. The fold down design is handy to be able to store the treadmill when not in use. The design is a bit more appealing than some of the others on the market. The speed variation goes from ½ MPH to 7 MPH and there is a bit of a built in incline on the unit. This dog treadmill comes with per-set programs for your dog so it’s set up and go, which is nice.

The space saving design means less floor space, dimensions are 42” L x 21.5” W x 28.5” H. The fact that there are no safety features bothers me a bit, but the customer reviews I read were mostly all positive so I guess it is ok. That is really the only complaint I had through all my research. I have not tried this one out so I cannot say with any certainty if that would be an issue with this type of indoor dog exerciser or not. If you have a dog that will fit the 55 pound weight limit, this looks to be a good choice based on customer reviews. The lower price tag is also nice.


• Fold Down Design

• Takes Up Less Space

• Speed Control

• Pre-Set Programs


• No Safety Stop

• Cannot Be Used Alone


So, when looking for your indoor doggy exerciser or dog treadmill, look for the convenience and see what owners are saying. This is a large purchase and these are not the only models available. These are just some of the ones I looked at. I did end up with the GoPet PR725 dog treadmill in the end. While it still takes up some space, it looks smaller overall due to the design.

So whether you have a high energy dog, you can’t get your dog out all the time, you don’t like to walk in the rain or snow, or just don’t have the space to let your pup run, indoor dog exercise equipment may be a great option for you and your pet. As always, if there is something more you would like to know or have another model you would like us to review just leave a comment and we will do our best. Happy Walking!

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