Cool Videos of Dogs Playing With iFetch

dogs playing with iFetch

We have collected a couple of videos in one convenient place so that current and future owners of iFetch automatic ball launcher can see how doggies happily run around playing with it. Seeing them joyfully running around and chasing those blue balls around will surely bring a smile to your face and a fuzzy warm feeling inside.

The huge popularity of iFetch products led to the creation of so many popular and viral videos of pets from all around the world having fun. So, sit back and enjoy!

iFetch Training Video with Rocco

Here is a useful starting video for pet owners who want to train their pet to use iFetch and play on their own whenever they want. It’s easy and fun so pay attention to the footage don’t give up if your pet doesn’t get it after a couple of tries. Be patient and soon enough it will learn and be able to play all on its own, even when you are there!

iFetch Training with Cute Dachshund Lexie

In this short clip Lexie, the Dachshund and her owner show how to properly play with iFetch! The doggie chases after the balls and brings them back into the loading opening of the launcher in order to go for another round of fetch.

You can even hear her owner’s excited by Lexie’s showing! This video is useful since it shows us how good it is to encourage your k9 and praise it whenever it successfully brings back the ball to load it for the next launch. Rinse and repeat is the best advice that we can offer to you! It will help teach you to train your pooch to be proficient using iFetch the same way Lexie is in this cool video.

Deku and Its Favourite Toy

Another great video where the main actor is a completely nutty (in a good way) Papillion called Deku going completely bonkers about his awesome toy. Besides witnessing loads of fun that this cute doggie is having, you can also hear the owner explaining everything about her experience with the iFetch.

And she goes into details that are really useful both for current and new owners alike who are struggling to teach their pets to return balls to the loading opening of this automatic toy launcher.

Looking at how great Deku is doing, playing all by himself with the encouragement of his supporting owner – you might think that this all looks too easy. What is obvious from the start of the clip is that Deku the Papillion is a really well-trained doggie and he obviously enjoys playing fetch very much.

Archie Meets and Quickly Learns How to Use iFetch

Last but not least, we have a nice and informative video of Archie the Poodle that shows her learning to use iFetch in just about 3 minutes!

She is a smart doggie with lots of experience with fetch play so she didn’t take long to understand how to play on her own with her new toy. The owner also talks about the useful habits that will make you train your pooch to become as proficient as her Archie is. While it might be a short video of a cute k9 playing with its toy – it is still very useful and informative!


Looking at all of these cool videos of different dog breeds having fun, it is obvious why ball launchers are so popular. In our iFetch review you can find out what makes this product the bestselling pet toy. You might want to consider getting one for your doggie too as it will allow it to have fun every time it feels like and without dragging you outside to play when you are busy.