Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Pooping in its Crate

Train dog to stop pooping in its crate

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If you have problems with your dog pooping its crate, there are a lot of methods how you can train it to stop doing it. Dogs who live in crates, need to be crate trained to learn that their crate is their home and sleeping place. A place where they eat and spend all of their lives.

That is not a simple task. However, there are ways that you can use to teach them how to respect their crates. There are many reasons why your dog keeps defecating its crate and sometimes a dog can suffer from anxiety which was caused due to separation. Also, dogs can have a medical condition which can affect their bowel control. Most of the time, they just do not understand that they should not do that there.

A Proven Method That Works

It is crucial, if you keep your dog in a crate, that the crate is comfortable for it. That means that it has to be the right size, not too big and not too small. If the crate is huge, they will most certainly poop in it instead of doing that when they go for a walk.

How to Know Which Size is The Right Size

If your dog can stand up, lie down and turn around quickly, the crate is big enough. Anything bigger might give him the wrong picture, and he can start using it in the wrong way. If your pet is still a puppy, keep in mind that it will get bigger eventually. In this case, get a crate which will suit it when it grows up. This is economic too, and that's because you will not have to change the crate now and then because of your dog getting bigger. It is important to do a research about the puppy safe materials which will make the dog's stay in its crate a bit more comfortable.

Let Your Dog Eat in its Crate

If your dog gets fed regularly in its crate, there is a lesser chance that it will defecate its feeding space. This trick could help you and your favorite furry friend to achieve the goal. Also, never keep your dog locked in its crate because this can affect its appetite and it can lose the will to eat. Leave the door open after you put its food in front of it.

This way, it will realize that it has a certain liberty between its own four walls which will lead it to think of the crate as of its home. The first few times it will be difficult to make it enter the crate as it will think that you might want to leave it but, be persistent, and it will learn eventually. You can make it a bit easier if you just leave the food in the crate and walk away. Your dog will understand that it is a reasonable thing to eat inside of the crate.

Change the Bedding From Time to Time

Often changing of bedding and replacing the old blankets with fresh ones will most certainly prevent your pet from defecating in its crate. If it sleeps and cuddles there, it will be less likely that it will poop in that area. Dogs tend to bury their feces under their beddings so changing it from time to time will remove that habit and make it change it. If it can not cover its poop up, it will simply stop doing it there.

Use Chemistry to Clean Up the Crate

After each accident, make sure that you wash the crate thoroughly. Go to a pet store and ask for the proper chemistry for the job, Get an enzymatic cleaner. It is perfect for removing any of the scents that can come from the dog's feces. When you eliminate the odor, you are reducing the chance for your dog to defecate that very spot again. This is a perfect way how you can teach it to stop pooping. Dogs are doing everything by the smell so removing that smell could make them change their ways for sure.