Difference Between Wireless and Wired Dog Fence

Wireless vs. Wired Dog Fence-Infographic

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​​Wireless-Easier installation

​A lot of people have the same question when it comes to a dog fence, they all want to know which one is better, the wireless or the wired pet fence.​

Well first, we will talk about one of the pros of using a wireless fence and which has a much more comfortable and simpler installation process. If you are not a type of a person who has the time or the skills to correctly install a wired pet fence, you don’t need to worry anymore because there is a much simple solution designed for people just like you.​

The wireless fence is using the latest technology to provide you with a proper barricade for your pet. All you have to do is place the transmitter in the center of your home or some other area that you want your barrier to be and turn it on. Depending on the type of the barricade you have purchased, you will have different distance coverage.


​The most important thing about a wireless vs. wired dog fence is the coverage that they have. As you might know, all the wireless barricades have a transmitter and depending on the power of the signal, you get a certain amount of signal radius, and you cannot control precisely what part of your property is covered with the signal.​

However, when it comes to a wired pet fence, things get a little bit better for people who have a more prominent property because they can use precisely the measurement they need to cover the entire property with the barricade. You can simply run this wire all the way to the edge of your property in all kinds of shapes. So, if you are worried about coverage, you might want to check out the wired barricade first because it offers a much better radius around your property.

​Installation Issues

​As we have mentioned this before, installing a barricade requires some skill, especially when you are installing a wired one. That is because they will need from you to put a wire all around your property and if you happened to have a driveway or some solid object that you cannot move, you would need to go around or over it.​

When it comes to driveways and other hard surfaces that you cannot just merely dig up, you will have to either put your wire over it or find some specialized tools that will allow you to place the wire under the driveway. With dog fences that use a transmitter, you don’t have problems like that.

​​Failing Issues

If your installed wired pet wall system somehow fails for some unknown reason, you don’t have to worry about your dog because nothing will happen to him. These systems are designed to shut off if something goes wrong. However, if you have a wireless fence, your pet will receive an input from the collar just like he would if he crossed the boundary.