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Indoor Exercise for Your Dog

indoor exercise for dogs

Have you ever found yourself too tired to take your puppy out?Maybe it is raining like cats and dogs (yes I meant the pun) and you just don’t want to get wet.How about the cold winter day and the wind is howling, the snow is coming down and you refuse to freeze just so Fido […]

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Let’s Talk Dog Strollers


Yes, I said it, dog strollers. This is becoming quite a market. People are treating their little furry friends more like part of the family than ever before, and why should it stop in the home? When we are out on our morning jog or afternoon walk, why not take our companion with us? Now, […]

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Dog Food Storage Options


When it comes to storing the bags of dog food, there are several options. The first is of course, leave it in the bag. This seems like a good option, however, it’s not ideal. The food can get stale and attract bugs or other pests. Also, if your pup is anything like mine, they find […]

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Dog Crates and Crate Training


When it comes to house breaking your new puppy, crate training seems to be a viable option for most people. There is nothing worse than coming home from work and having to spend the next hour cleaning up a mess from your dog. For most of us, we everyone is out of the house for […]

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Best Dog Hair Cleaner Tools of 2017

dog hair removal tools vacuum

Fellow dog owners know how much dedication and effort it takes to keep their home clean and free of dog hair. Over time, cleaning becomes less of a chore and instead starts being a habit.Depending on what you’re facing, with your own k9, there are easy ways of keeping your home doggie hair free. They […]

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A Buyers Guide for Best Outdoor Dog Beds

best outdoor dog beds

Who doesn’t like to lay down on a bed to relax after an exhausting day? Dogs enjoy resting all the time so having a proper outdoor bed is a must. If you want your pet to relax and sleep comfortably then opting for a quality doggie bed should be a priority for every owner. It […]

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