A Buyers Guide for Best Outdoor Dog Beds

best outdoor dog beds

Who doesn’t like to lay down on a bed to relax after an exhausting day? Dogs enjoy resting all the time so having a proper outdoor bed is a must. If you want your pet to relax and sleep comfortably then opting for a quality doggie bed should be a priority for every owner. It is a place where your k9 can stretch out and chill in the sun after a daylong activity spent on all four legs.

Some of the best outdoor doggie beds come with some really impressive designs and features. You have a choice between basic beds that use cloth fabric with a simple shape and high-end models that come with a roof cover and high-quality pillow cushioning for maximum comfort. The most advanced models come with a heating system that will keep your pet warm and cosy outside even during the cold months of the year.

Our “best of” guide is here to assist you in making the choice for the dog bed that will fit your budget and your pet’s requirements in the best possible way. The market offering is huge since you can decide between all kinds of different types of beds. We hope that our experience and our write-up will help you choose the next model for your k9.

Best Waterproof Bed: Better World Pets Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed

For those of you looking for an all-weather resistant doggie bed that still offers comfort and waterproofing then you should take a look at BW Worlds Pets Orthopedic bed. It will stand up to some light rain and snow with no problem and also stay water free when your pet gets soaked outside. Available in three sizes – it will be perfect for every breed no matter the size or weight.

better world pets thick ortopedic dog bed review

Due to the use of memory foam, this is one of the most comfortable dog beds on the market. The thick foam contours to the shape of the body while still providing great surface support. This choice of material offers unparalleled levels of relaxation that your pet will surely appreciate. The design of the bed itself is quite good looking and it will surely match well with the surrounding decor of your house. With three trim colors, you will be able to choose your favorite design. There are three sizes available – for dogs between 1-20, 20-60 and 60-110 pounds. The 5-inch thickness ensures that the bed will compress enough under the weight of the k9 in order to provide comfort and will return to original shape when not in use. The manufacturer Better World Pets also adds a 1-year money back warranty that supports the build quality of this doggie bed and adds value to the whole deal.

Interesting fact: This manufacturer is also known for ​donating 10% of profit to Humane Society of the United States.

One thing that we noticed during use and didn’t like is the fact that this bed retains bad odors for a very long time. We suspect that it has something to do with the use of inner memory foam materials and advise that you wash this mattress as soon as you notice an unpleasant smell.


• High-quality materials

• Great design

• Waterproof

• Affordable

• Comfortable


• Needs regular cleaning

• Retains bad odours

We can recommend Better World Pets Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed as being the best choice if you are looking to provide your pet with a maximum comfort. The waterproofing and a one-year money back warranty additionally sweeten the deal.

Best Heated Dog Bed: K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Bed

This type of beds for pets is designed for keeping your k9 warm when it's resting even when it is really cold outside. We always appreciate innovation when it comes to dog oriented products so K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed gets our recommendation for combining high tech with conventional design in order to produce one of the most convenient products currently available on the market. They even make smart heated water bowl too!

k&h manufacturing lectro soft heated outdoor bed review

This is still an orthopaedic type of k9 bed that features memory foam structure infused with an inbuilt heater system. This sophisticated product ensures that your pet is always warm when it is laying down on the surface of it and once it gets up, the power is switched off in order to save energy. The inner 40 Watt rated heating elements are coupled with pressure sensors that activate only when they detect weight on the top surface. There are also sensors that measure the dog’s temperature and adjust the heating accordingly in order to keep it optimally warm.

In order to work, Lectro-Soft beds need to be always plugged into a power outlet but thanks to the smart sensors owners don’t need to worry about power consumption as the heater is very energy efficient. The smart electronics only use power when low outside temperature is detected and activate accordingly. The power cord is safe to be used with pets and it also uses steel fibre weaving to prevent your k9 from damaging it.

The surface of the bed itself uses completely waterproof PVC which partially protects it from the weather elements. Seeing how this is still an electrical device, the manufacturer advises against keeping it out in the snow and rain. There are only two basic colour choices to choose from – brown and grey. When it comes to size it is available for large, medium, small and very small dog breeds.


• Superb build quality

• Smart electronics

• Completely Pet-safe

• Easy maintenance

• Great for subzero weather


• Higher price for larger models

• Included soft cover slips off easily

For dog owners who live in colder climates, K&H Manufacturing represents a perfect choice for keeping their dog warm when resting. If the higher price tag is not an issue we say go for it since you will not find a better electric heated bed than this one.

Best Outdoor Dog Bed for Large Dogs: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Cot

If you do not need fancy features and prefer the pure design and convenient simplicity at an affordable price then we suggest Coolaroo Pet Bed. The simple yet fully functional raised design keeps your pet clear from the ground while the tightly knitted fabric provides great body support and durability. It might not wow you with the striking design but this is because it was made with pure functionality in mind. Available in three sizes, it is suitable for use with all breeds of k9s.

coolaroo elevated knitted fabric pet cot review

When it comes to its design, this cot style dog bed is a plain rectangular shape elevated on a powder coated all-steel structure with four medium length feet. Pooches will have no issues climbing up to get a good night’s sleep or a dose of a daily snooze. The knitted fabric is stretched and suspended in the middle of the bed and provides a lot of comfort and body support. Due to its mesh structure, the fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it which keeps your pet cooler on hot days and warm when it gets cold during the night. Because it uses polyethene fibres, the fabric is easy to maintain and is fully resistant to fleas, mites, mildew and mould. When it comes to sizes, there are three available to choose from – small, medium and a large one intended for bigger k9s up to 100 pounds of weight. Due to being lightweight – this bed is easy to carry and easy to move indoors.


• Good build quality

• Weather resistant

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Affordable


• Basic design

• Not for use in low temps

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Cot is a simplistic bed that will be more than enough to provide good quality rest for your dog. We do not advise using it without some bedding in cold weather as it doesn’t provide any insulation out of the box.


No matter which one of these fine products you choose to buy, all of them offer something unique that makes them worth considering - nice place to relax after using their fetch machine. If your budget allows for it, we suggest buying all three of them in order to have a nice bed for your pet throughout the seasons.

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