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When it comes to storing the bags of dog food, there are several options. The first is of course, leave it in the bag. This seems like a good option, however, it’s not ideal. The food can get stale and attract bugs or other pests. Also, if your pup is anything like mine, they find a way to get into the bag no matter what. So we will review a few options for you on pet food containers, with a focus on dog food storage.

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

Cost : $

Overall Value : 2/5

Capacity : 40 & 60 Lbs Options



· Stackable in Different Combinations

· Multiple Positions For Maximum Capacity and Ease of Use

· Compact

· Inexpensive

· Airtight

· BPA Free Food Grade Plastic


· Capacity Claim Issue

· Plastic is Not Thick to Keep Out Mice

· Stacking May Make it Easy For Pet to Tip and Break

· No Carry Handle

With regards to this pet food storage container, we feel that it is a good option over leaving the food in the bag, but we have some issues with it. The plastic is not that thick and would be easy for a mouse or other animal to chew through. The airtight seal, we feel, would become brittle and allow the smell of food out attracting bugs and mice. The storage capacity claim may be a bit overstate. We think that the type and size of the food will play a factor on how much you can actually fit.

With a medium size dog food we could get a little over 30 pounds of the 40 pound bag in the container. Stacking these may also be an issue. If you were to have 2 full stacked containers, it would be easy for an animal to tip the top one over and break open the container or top. There is also no carry handle making it a bit awkward to move around. While the cost is very low, there may be some better options for your dollar out there.

IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

Cost : $

Overall Value : 2/5

Capacity : Up to 35 Lbs



· 2 Storage Compartments for Food and Treats

· Wheels for Easy Maneuvering

· Comes In a Variety of Colors

· Low Cost

· Clear Container Allows Easy View of Food Level

· BPA Free


· Seal is Foam

· Smaller Capacity (25 lbs large container, 10 lbs small container)

· Must Remove Top Container to Get to Lower Container

· Lid Does Not Stay Open

· Thin Plastic Material

This stackable pet food storage container from IRIS USA is a nice looking container. The clear plastic allows you to see food levels so you know when it’s time to order more food. The container comes in over a dozen different colors, so you can find a color to match your room or dog collar, or whatever you want to match. The wheels are nice to be able to move the pet food bin around easily when full.

The two storage bins are nice as you can put food in one, treats in the other or fill them both with food, it is up to you. The downside of the top and bottom storage is you have to remove the smaller top bin to access the bottom bin. This was a bit of a hassle. The airtight seal that is provided is foam, and we don’t think that really makes it airtight. Another issue we noticed was the lid does not stay open. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is when you’re trying to fill multiple dishes at once. This is a smaller capacity as well, so you may need to buy food in smaller bags.

Again, we are not sure the thinner plastic would keep out the larger pests, like mice, and the seal may allow ants and smaller bugs in as well. It does come with a scooper though!

IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls

Cost : $$

Overall Value : 3.5/5

Capacity : 32 Lbs



· Helps your dog improve digestion and reduce muscle strain

· Storage Bin Holds 32 lbs Of Food

· Compact 2 in 1 Design

· Airtight

· Buckle Design Lid Snap

· Includes 2 – 2 Qt. Stainless Bowls


· Water Can Splash Under Bowls

· Need to Remove Bowls Before Removing Lid

Another dog food storage container from IRIS USA but we really like this design. The storage and feeder takes up less space than having two separate units. The storage is a good size holding 30 plus pounds of food. The bowls are a little small, but they are not bad. The fact that it is good for your dog to eat from a higher elevation is a plus as well. It aids in their digestion and reduces strain on muscles. The snap buckle design on this pet food container ensures a solid seal on the container.

The only design flaws we found were the splashing water from your dog will go under the stainless bowls so you will need to clean these out occasionally which you can do when you’re feeding and watering them. The other thing we would recommend is removing the bowls before removing the lid. You don’t have to but it does reduce the chance of spilling. This is elevated dog food feeder and storage bin is constructed well and we feel as though it is well worth the slightly higher cost.

APetProject Large Pet Food Server & Storage Box

Cost : $$

Overall Value : 2.5/5

Weight Limit : 45 Lbs



· Elevated dining surface promotes better digestion and less air consumption

· 2 in 1 Design

· Attractive Wood Style Design

· Good for Medium or Large Dogs

· Includes 2 Stainless Steel Feeding Bowls


· Pressboard Does Not Withstand Water

· Not Airtight

· Lamination Bubbles Easily When Wet

Well, this is a great looking pet food storage feeder. It has a very nice design, looks stylish and is not plastic. We are big fans of the 2 in 1 designs. They seem more practical and better for feeding your pup. The bowls are a decent size and the hinged lid is convenient.

There are some flaws with this though. The first is, this pet food bin is made of pressboard. That stuff turns to paper when it gets wet, and when you have a water bowl in it, guess what happens. To combat this, if this is the design your looking for, get some clear poly and coat at least the top of the bin (we would recommend the whole thing) this will help prevent water damage. There is a laminate on the pressboard to give it the “wood” look, but that will bubble up when it gets wet. Also, this pet food storage bin is not airtight, leaving it vulnerable to bugs, ants, mice and other critters.

While the stylish design is attractive, we don’t feel this is the best value on the market for practicality. It is though, one of the nicest looking ones we could find.

Simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

Cost : $$$

Overall Value : 4.5/5

Capacity : 25 Ltr, 30 Ltr & 40 Ltr Availale



· Stainless Steel Design

· Removable Inner PBA Free Liner

· Rear Wheels for Easy Mobility

· Magnetic Scoop Stores in Lid

· Airtight Locking Handle Clamp

· Multiple Capacity Sizes Available


· Stainless Scratches Easily

We really like this pet food storage container. It has a nice stainless steel design, it’s compact and pretty large. The capacity is a bit deceiving as it is in liters, which is a liquid measurement. To put it simply, the liters would fit about 5 less pounds of food, so the 25 liter would fit about 20 pounds of food. If you Google a conversion, it says that there are 3.37 pounds in a liter, but that’s liquid weight, so be careful. The airtight lock handle is good quality. The wheels seem strong and able to take the weight of a full container. The removable inner liner is very handy for cleaning as well. The scoop stores magnetically inside a cutout in the lid which is very convenient.

The only thing we were not 100% satisfied with is the stainless seems to scratch easily, which is true with a lot of stainless products. But, it’s a dog food storage bin, not a $2000.00 refrigerator so we were ok with that. There are a few sizes available, depending on what size dog food bags you buy. This will run you a little more than some other dog food bins on the market, but we think it’s worth the cost.

The Dog Food Storage Bin Summary:

When you’re looking for a pet food storage container, a little research is always good. You have to know the size and capacity you will need. Beware that capacity can be deceiving, look at the dimensions. There are a great deal of styles, colors and functionalities in pet food storage bins so shop around and compare the features and benefits.

Customer reviews are always good, but take them with a grain of salt. You’re always going to have raving reviews from customers that have a vested interest in the product. On the flip side, you’re going to have the very negative reviews from people whom are never satisfied. We tried to be as objective as we could, so we hope this helps. If you have tried any of these or other products, please leave us a comment and we would be happy to do a review. Thanks for reading!

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