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Here is a great list that leads to some of the most useful dog related websites. These are a great place if you are looking for more information about different topics about pet health, latest news, foods and dog-friendly accessories.

Dog Health and Care

petMD - - Largest online library related to pet health information

Dogs Naturally - - Online magazine publication about dog nutrition

Modern Dog - - Online k9 lifestyle magazine with lots of great and useful written content

Dogs101 - - Animal Planet feature series with loads of great dog breed information

Life with Dogs - - News website with plenty of information and guides

American Kennel Club - - Useful website to find professional info and assistance about everything dog related

Best Friends - - Animal rescue and shelter non-profit organisation

American Humane Hero Dog Awards - - Annual campaign that honours heroic action of dogs and their owners

iFetch - - World’s most popular automatic ball launcher maker

GoDogGo - Makers of the first ever automatic ball launcher for dogs

Hyper Pet - Makers of some of the most popular pet toys

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