What to Do When Dealing with Too Much Dog Hair

too much dog hair

Each and every dog owner knows the difficulties of dealing with issues related to excess dog hair. Our animal friends constantly leave hairs all over the place that needs to be taken care of. Regular cleaning can be considered a sort of a lifestyle when you own a pet with thick fur. Even when you think you’ve picked up everything you turn around and see that your pet is leaving more hairs all over the furniture as it jumps over it. Cleaning rugs and floors is not so much of a problem - difficult removal from upholstery, pillows and bedding is.

The most intensive periods of shedding, the process when dog’s hair is falling out or growing, are spring and fall. It is then where most cleaning is necessary in order to keep your household free from fur and hairs. This guide will help you learn and understand ways of making your life much easier when it comes to having the dog that sheds. Keep reading to find out how and what to do.

Regular Vacuuming

The best solution for getting rid of excessive fur around your house is to keep vacuuming as often as you can. This will keep pesky hair spread in check and make you worry less about possible health concerns for your family members. By setting up a schedule for each day, you will soon get used to a routine of cleaning faster and with much less effort.

Plenty of newer vacuums come with a feature intended for pet owners. These pet hair removal attachments are often included with most vacuum cleaners for free. Using these convenient attachments makes cleaning dog hair around the furniture and in tight spaces much easier and efficient.

During spring and fall months when shedding is at peak levels, taking out your vacuum more than once a day is a must. You really shouldn’t wait for fur to accumulate around your house since your family will be exposed to a serious health risk. Also, the cleaning difficulty increases significantly over time of inaction.

Using Easy to Clean Covers and Sheets

This is a clever solution to owners who experience issues with their pet’s excessive fur all over the house furniture. Instead of constantly going after your k9 with cleaning tools, why not use furniture covers that are much easier to maintain.

You can use blankets, old bed sheets or any kind of cloth that can cover a sufficient surface area where your dog sits or rests. Once they get up and go away, you can take the cover outside and completely clean it in a matter of seconds or wash it afterwards.

This idea is not new to vehicle owners that travel with dogs. Covers allow your car seats to stay clean even during road trips with your furry friend. They too learned the hard way that it is much easier to cover the vehicle seats instead of spending hours cleaning the difficult to reach areas of the cabin.

By using covers that are much easier to wash and store away when not in use – your excessive fur problem is solved in a really easy and smart way.

Using Specialized Cleaning Tools

The market was shaped by the frustration of dog owners from all around the world so today we have plenty of useful and purpose made dog hair cleaning tools and accessories readily available. Lint rollers and doggie brushes are very useful for removing old and damaged fur when grooming your pet. We would recommend doing this outside in order to prevent the spread of its fur on the inside of your home. You can also invest in dry sponges that are efficient and work great for removing excessive fur during shedding season.

Regular use of these specialized dog hair removal tools will save you so much trouble and save you from picking up vacuum cleaner each and every day. We suggest that you groom your pet just before it gets inside the house or even after the playing session is over. In this way, you will minimise the amount of hair that will get onto your furniture and carpets.


We know all too well the feelings of stress and the occasional desperation of fellow dog owners when it comes to getting rid of hairs out of every corner of the house. Thankfully these are some of the best and easiest ways of solving this problem.

Having a strong will and keeping a habit of always cleaning after your furry friend makes maintenance somewhat less of a chore. After all, we can’t blame our k9’s for wanting to spend more time with their owners around the house. Especially seeing that they are a rightful family member after all.