The Best Fetch Dog Toys and Ball Launchers

fetch toys and balls

We have a nice list of “best of the best” ball launchers and fetch dog toys for your reading pleasure. It will come in handy whether you want to treat your own pet with a new plaything or perhaps buy one as a gift for a fellow k9 owner. All of the products in our guide are high-quality made and very affordable. As always, depending on your needs and requirements, you should always go for the model that combines a good set of features that don’t come at a high price. Remember, when it comes to dog toys and accessories, eventually, they will get damaged and replaced, so choose wisely.

The iFetch

No “best of” list of dog toys could be considered complete without including a true fan favorite - automatic dog ball launcher from iFetch . If you are looking for a toy that will keep your k9 happily playing for hours then one of many iFetch made models are always a great choice.

Perhaps, best of all, every one of their launchers is made to be used by your pet on its own. You just need to train it first and you're free to direct your attention to other things.

Once it learns how to bring the balls back into the loading mechanism – the whole playing process becomes automated without your supervision - which is a big advantage in our opinion.


ChuckIt! Dog Toy Launcher Bundle

Another well-known manufacturer of dog toys and accessories, ChuckIt! brand can be a great choice if you are either looking for products for yourself or as a gift to someone who you want to surprise.

Their launchers always come with a nice set of included accessories like additional balls that come in lots of colourful paint variants. Known for their high-quality products, these are some of the best toys that have a lot of features that do not come at an unreasonably high asking prices.

chuckit classic launcher

Pooch Perks Dog Gift Box

If you’re looking for an all in one gift care package, then you should seriously consider Pooch Perks Gift pack. These “monthly boxes” as they are also known are all the rage now since they are very affordable and also include lots of convenient goodies.

They won’t go over your budget and you can expect to find all sorts of toys and doggie treats that are good quality and also completely pet-safe. If you opt to send this gift pack as a present instead, then you should choose the gift subscription instead of the regular one.

dog gift box

Kong Air Dog Fetch Stick

In case you are thinking about a conventional and more accepted dog toy gift idea then Kong has a nice product portfolio that is great for surprise occasions. Its Air Fetch Stick might appear plain and yet it is made out of an extremely soft material that is gentle to your dog’s teeth and gums. We can describe it as being similar to the material that regular tennis balls are made of. And unlike other toys, this one comes with a rope extension on the end of the stick.

The basic working principle of this unique toy is that you hold it by the rope and swing it as much as you can before letting it go flying far away. After your pooch runs along to retrieve it you can repeat the whole process again for endless fun. You can fling it either by holding the stick or rope end.

The Kong Air Stick is completely waterproof although keep in mind that it isn't really damage resistant. If your k9 likes to chew and play tug of war with you – this toy won’t last you for a long time. Although, the good thing about it is - it’s super affordable so replacing it won’t cost you much.

kong air dog fetch stick

Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot Fetch Toy

Here is another contender for the greatest fetch toy of 2017. Pro Ball’s Go-Frrr Slingshot Acton Toy is a bestseller for a good reason. It is simple, durable and very affordable.

By using slingshot action, you can launch smaller balls far away, much to the joy of your pets. This is a very good choice for owners of more active k9 breeds as it is great for making them run further and exercise more.

They are durable and made out of entirely pet-safe materials and best of all the included balls are completely water resistant. Looking at the overwhelmingly positive customer feedbacks you cannot go wrong with this toy whether you want to buy it for yourself and your pet or in case you want to gift it to someone.

pro ball go frr fetch toy


These are all great contenders for the best toy of 2018 but you should always consider plenty of other doggie toys that are still a good choice and present a great value. Our list is also a good insight for anyone who is thinking about a possible gift idea for their special someone.