nerf pets

Most of you remember Nerf as being the manufacturer of those fun footballs for children. They are still very popular and they even started making some of the coolest toys for your pets to enjoy too. As you can see on Nerf Dog website, their product portfolio covers all kinds of balls that come in many colorful shapes and sizes.

We have a guide on some of the best product this company has to offer. Keep on reading to find the one that will make playing sessions with your pet so much fun.

Plush Football Launcher Dog Toy

This very popular toy is a simple and effective way of keeping your pet running around and exercising without you spending too much effort doing so. The simple launch mechanism flings the football far enough to keep your k9 speeding to catch it in flight.

The flight distance that we achieved was more than 80 feet! It has a tear resistant coating which also makes it great for tugging play too. There are two bright colour designs to choose from – green and red colour models. 

nerf plush launcher review

The best thing about this toy is that it can be used in all kinds of situations, both outdoors and indoors. Our golden retriever always carried it along and it was kind of a regular toy for him. It really allows pet owners hours of fun without spending too much money for it.

If you are looking for a throwing football that will last you longer than usual even with heavy usage and lots of chewing then this is the right toy for your dog. Made using high durability rubber, this football will endure lots of punishment no matter what.

It measures 5 or 7 inches in length (depending on the model) which allows it to soar through the air and fly very long distances when thrown. The material that it is made of ensures complete water and all-weather resistance. 

sqeak rubber football review

The main feature of this toy is the squeaker that attracts the attention of your pet at all times. Good luck trying to separate your k9 from this fun ball. The more it chews it the more noise it makes which makes for a constant attention grabber. This model comes in two sizes and two colour options. You can opt for the 5-inch version in case you own a smaller dog or go for a 7 inch one that is better suited for large dogs. The bright red and green colour versions allow for high visibility and also look just great.

For doggy owners who prefer simplicity and plain old fashion frisbee fun, then this affordable product might be a perfect choice. The simplistic design is durable to damage and tearing thanks to the use of a highly resistant nylon material.

The flat disc shape soars through the air and covers a lot of ground which keeps your pet running more in order to catch it. This is a great way of keeping its health in good condition. 

nerf dog nylon flyer

Naturally, this design is completely water-resistant and even floats in water which makes it suitable for playing fetch in the water. The very bright colour ensures that your dog will always be able to track it with ease. You can choose between blue, red and orange colours for this simple yet effective toy. Best thing of all – it is very affordable.

Unlike the rest of the toys in our guide, this unorthodox looking model is a new generation launcher toy that uses a spring mechanism to shoot tennis size balls up to 50ft in the air. The priming and shooting procedures make noises that will alert and also prepare your pet for the chase.

The thoughtful engineering allows you to pick up drool covered ball without ever touching it. A very convenient feature indeed. As with most of Nerf made products, this one is also available in plenty colour options.

tennis ball blaster review

For a very affordable price, you also get 4 tennis balls included. We feel that this is a very attractive package overall and seeing so many positive customer feedback – this toy represents one of the best choices on the market. Not to mention hours of fun you’ll experience using it with your pet!


There are plenty cool dog toys to choose from the Nerf product store and our list points out to some of the bestselling products on Amazon search. The build quality and overall durability make these products truly stand out from the rest of the competition. If you are looking for Christmas dog gifts and simple play toys for having fun with your dog then these models are a great choice.

If you want to find out more about other types of dog toys – see our complete buyer’s guide for glow in the dark dog toys.