PetSafe reviews

While iFetch was one of the first of its kind on the market it soon paved the way for new manufacturers to start producing their own innovative models. Having competition, like GoDogGo is always great for customers as it lowers the prices and gives them plenty of options to choose from. Of course, it doesn’t always mean that the manufacturers are on equal terms when it comes to features and functionality. On the contrary, there were many examples of imitation products of the bigger brands which tried to get their piece of the market profits.

Some of the more successful competing manufacturers include PetSafe, Sportime, DoggyFun and All for Paws. All of these brands have a good quality range of dog toys and we will be covering their ball launchers in this guide.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

We dare to say that this is one of the best-looking devices on the market that will even capture the attention of other dog owners and onlookers for sure. Our dog seems to find it very attractive and interesting too.

The spec sheet certainly states loads of customizability and great functionality. In practice, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sure, owners get to choose from 9 individual flight range settings and 6 separate angle adjustments but are all of these features, usually found in a tennis ball machine, really necessary? The more dedicated dog owners who want strict control over the exercise regime of their pets will certainly appreciate these features. On the other hand, we feel that most of the users won’t bother using more than a couple adjustments. Mostly to switch from outdoor to indoor settings. The same as what was our usage scenario most of the time.

PetSafe review

If you are looking for a way to control ball flying angles and travel distance then there is no better choice on the market than this launcher. Users can ensure exact exercise routines for their dogs and we see how this can be useful for dog trainers and owners of multiple pooches. Our humble opinion is that this is unnecessary to most of the casual users.

Unfortunately, all this complexity comes with some apparent flaws. During our testing, our device didn’t manage to keep consistent performance and occasionally even refused to launch balls. Apparently, we are not the only ones who experienced such difficulties and to our surprise customers left negative feedback on online forums about similar reliability issues. It saddens us that a feature packed device such as this one is plagued by quality control problems. Seeing how it is not the most affordable launcher we must advise caution if you opt to buy it and you should check if newer revisions are available before making the purchase.

Sportime Stomp-N-Launch Ball Launcher

This flashy looking ball launcher is not what you might think at first. There is no electronics or motorised parts included in its construction. It works on the basic principle of launching the ball with a stomping action on the body of the toy. The air chamber gets squashed which forces air to rush through the loading opening where the ball is in place which in turn propels it forward.

The performance is definitely nothing to write about and you should not expect it to launch balls that far from the starting point. We have to point out that the owners do get some good leg exercise when using this simple toy. Don’t get us wrong, it is a decent launcher for fetch play. 

It’s just that you could achieve more flying distance by throwing the ball using your own hands. This model is not the cheapest toy on the market and we feel there are better choices that are more practical and certainly more affordable.

DoggyFun Fetching Machine

Unlike the most of the model that use standard size tennis balls, this one from DoggyFun shoots out miniature sized ones which make it great for owners of smaller dog breeds. We like the design and mini orange balls. The use of white and orange color scheme makes this product stand out. The loading opening allows your pets to easily return the balls and use this automatic launcher when playing on their own.

doggy fun review

Owners can use this model in both outdoor and indoor spaces thanks to it being able to work plugged in and also on battery power depending on the usage scenario. When it comes to performance, do not expect much as this is a more basic model that uses mini sized lightweight balls. 

There are 5 of them included in the package and you will have to buy the same ones for replacements. Nevertheless, seeing the positive reviews online, this model is definitely a good alternative automatic dog ball launcher for owners of smaller pooches.

All for Paws Interactives Fetch N Treat Dog Toy

Out of all of the tested models, this one takes the prize for being the most basic looking. The simple design is dedicated to total functionality which makes this launcher unique and different from the rest of the competition.

Not only can it launch a tennis size ball – it can also fling out dog treats too! How cool is that? This versatility means that it wasn’t meant to be used to propel balls far and it simply rolls them outwards. Of course, if you go for this model you will buy it because you can use it to train your pet better by using snacks that launch out.

Afp Fetch N Treat review

The mechanism is entirely manual and its compact size means that you can easily carry it along with you no matter where you go. If you are looking for a compact, non-powered toy with a simple yet unique snack launching mechanism then this one might be the obvious choice.


These unique products represent a great alternative to some of the more dominant and well-known automatic dog ball launchers on the market. You won’t have to spend too much on them and yet you will still have a very functional and quality made toy that will provide your pet with lots of fun.

If you are looking for a toy for a big dog, you might want to consider iFetch Too. This is a product of our choice for large k9, so make sure to take a look before making a purchasing decision.