Go Dog Go G4 review

If you haven’t already read about our recommended ball thrower for dogs then make sure to read about iFetch and iFetch Too. Even though they represent a benchmark standard for the rest of the competition on the market, it still doesn’t mean that they will be everyone’s first choice.

Their main competitor product is the Go Dog Go G4 model that offers similar functionality and uses large size balls. However, this flashy looking dog toy is intended for outdoor usage only.

Similarly, to the iFetch, this one can also run in both corded and cordless mode which allows it to be taken anywhere where your pet can play with it. It comes with some pretty unique features so let’s find out how it stacks against the competition.

Our Review And Impressions

Having the ability to use an automatic dog ball thrower with balls of various dimensions is a great advantage for owners. We all know how our pets can tear up soft and chewable balls with ease, so finding the proprietary smaller diameter ones might be more expensive and difficult. Go Dog Go G4 uses both tennis size balls that measure up to 2.6 inches in diameter as well as smaller 1.75-inch ones.

Keep in mind that this product is sometimes unavailable for purchase on Amazon in the United States.

It is also compatible with ChuckIt balls. This versatility is a great plus in our eyes as drool and mud keep accumulating on balls over time. They gain slightly in thickness which would jam most of the other ball throwers on the market.

When it comes to features and performance of the device, we can safely say that it performs well and seem to be quite durable in daily use. The launcher motor is powerful enough to shoot out the ball up to 12 feet high. When it comes to distance – depending on the ball size it can fly up to more than 50 feet away which is very impressive. Owners can choose between several settings.

Go Dog Go G4 automated launcher

There is 4,7 and 15-second adjustment for ball retrieval time. These adjustments define how far the balls get launched and how much it takes dogs to bring them back. Launching distance will depend on the ball size and weight as well as the time mode setting. The included remote controller is very handy to correct adjustments when you are away.This great looking device is not that compact nor lightweight although it is easy to hold and carry around where you need it placed.

Measurements: 14 x 15 x 18 inches

Weight: 10.5 pounds

Ball Dimensions: 1.75 - 2.6-inch diameter

Power: Built-in battery and an AC power plug

Battery endurance: Over 25 hours with 2 hours of daily usage

The included battery will keep your dog happy and on the run for at least 3 hours a day for a maximum of a week-long usage with such activity. Our golden retriever had so much fun playing that we had to take the Go Dog Go G4 away in order to rest him. We tried using the device indoors and it is simply too powerful for smaller home spaces. Outdoor usage is great fun since no matter the ball size, it covers large distances which make the dog really exercise hard. Our opinion is that this model is great for owners who have a working type of dog breeds.

Even in wet and muddy conditions, the motor held up nicely and there were no jams occurring. Our dog loaded the ball on its own and we did notice the shorter launching distances but this is normal when its wet outside. Mud and water add weight to the balls which hinder aerodynamics and its flight performance.

We dislike the fact that such a great product is constantly in higher demand and constantly out of stock which makes buying it difficult. Unusually high demand is understandable considering its price and included feature set. Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to recommend it since it is almost impossible to find it in online stores and especially since iFetch offers cheaper and readily available products.


Seeing the great performance and some features that are not found on other automated dog ball throwers on the market, Go Dog Go G4 is a great alternative choice. If you happen to catch this model sold at a discount we seriously recommend you to consider it.

It offers versatility and unmatched performance combined with durability thanks to its good build quality. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait and are frustrated with its constant absence in stock, going for either of iFetch models is still the best option to date.

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