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We will be looking into what makes iFetch automatic ball launcher machine such a highly-sought product with so many praises left by satisfied owners. This is a compact device that uses motors in order to propel small size balls that your pets can run after. It works in a simple way. After a ball is dropped in the top opening it automatically detects its weight and shoots it outwards so that the dog can chase after it.

After some time, your favourite pet or pets will learn how to return the ball into the placeholder so that they can chase it anytime they want. Unsurprisingly, this is a great device for dog owners that occasionally do not have spare time to take their dogs out on a walk or afford free time to play with them.We have here all of the necessary information regarding this handy product so keep on reading to find out more.

Origins Of iFetch Dog Ball Launcher

The story of how iFetch was made as reported by Gizmodo, New York Times and MNN is as unique and equally great as all of the rest success stories. Grant Hamill was busy doing his homework when his dog started distracting him. His pet wanted to play but the boy didn’t have the free time. So, Grant thought about the possibility to make a device that would allow his pet to play on its own. The design would consist of a device that would use motors to automatically launch balls that the dog would chase.

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Grant’s grandfather, Denny Hamill, saw the potential in such a concept and some months later a prototype device was created. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that was followed with lots of attention by the public, the funds were raised and iFetch became a commercial success. Today, it is still one of the most popular dog toys with and overwhelmingly positive feedback from happy customers.

All dog owners occasionally struggle to find free time in their busy daily schedules. That’s why this convenient device allows them to keep their pets happy even on days when they can’t dedicate their attention to them.

Product Details And Pricing Info

I bet that you are very interested in the price of this unique product. We can happily say that it is very affordable considering the huge convenience factor that it introduces to its owners. You can check all of the up-to-date pricing details by clicking here to view the item on Amazon.com. 

iFetch is also sold by several retail stores too, but you can always find it at the most affordable prices with online retailers. Depending on the online store, there are always some discounts and coupons on offer that will allow you to buy it cheaper.


The device itself measures 14 x 11 x 9 inches with a total weight of 3 pounds. As you can see it is a compact and lightweight machine that can be easily moved and placed wherever it is convenient for your pet. This model uses 1.5-inch diameter balls for launching. They are a smaller size than standard tennis balls or the balls manufacturers like Go Dog Go are using for their launchers. Retail package includes three small balls.

Dimensions And Specifications

Measurements: 14 x 11 x 9 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Ball Dimensions: 1.5-inch diameter

Power: Batteries and an AC power plug

Battery endurance: Over 30 hours using 6 C batteries

Owners have a choice of using iFetch in either corded or cordless mode. Using it with 6 C batteries is great when you want to place it in your yard or other open space. Note that batteries are purchased separately as they do not come included in the package. For indoor use, the AC power plug is better suited and it operates on both 110 and 220 V power outlets.

Our Review

As with similar creative ideas became a reality, this invention left us very impressed. It is so convenient and useful especially on days when we cannot dedicate our attention to our dogs. The fun factor is amazing and our Min Pins enjoy playing with iFetch. They got used to placing the balls in the inlet and couldn’t get enough of play time with the device. Much to our delight.

iFetch review

We tested the device in both indoor and outdoor conditions so that we can get a sense of how it operates in different spaces. The batteries lasted more than a week which is an excellent result for the cordless mode especially since our two dogs used it so much each day. Miniature Pinschers are a very energetic dog breed so iFetch is a great choice as a toy for them. They were running and chasing the balls for hours at a time without rest, much to our surprise.

The overall build quality is great and it is made out of sturdy and shock resistant plastic for the outer shell. Unlike some of the other cheaper automatic dog ball launchers that we tested and used, this one is well worth the money spent.

Pros and Cons

We absolutely love the convenience factor that iFetch offers to its owners. Being able to choose between cordless and corded mode is great for all kinds of usage scenarios. For example, on sunny days, you can take it outside and let your pet play with it out in the open. If the weather is bad, you just plug it in a wall socket and your dog can happily play with it indoors. The design of the device is also great and your pets will learn how to use it on their own in no time. Training them to return the balls to the inlet opening will take you a couple of days and after that, they will be able to play on their own.

We did not like the fact that the device is not weather proof nor that durable to scratches and scuffs. If you are concerned about the compact size there is a solution. Note that this model is made for smaller size breeds of dogs. If you are an owner of larger one then we recommend opting for iFetch Too which was made possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.


We love seeing our dogs play with iFetch automatic dog ball launcher. Seeing them happily chasing the balls always makes us smile. For owners who are looking to satisfy their small energetic dogs exercising needs – this is the ideal device and a perfect choice.

Follow this link to find out more on how the iFetch was created.