frenzy ifetch review

The best-known company for making dog toys – iFetch – introduced a new model for the market that goes by the name iFetch Frenzy. If you visit company website you can see they've described this product as “a gravity-driven twist on fetching fun!”

This is another mini size automated dog ball launcher that will provide lots of hours of fun for your playful pet. It is not your typical dog toy and it has some pretty neat features. So, let us go into more details.

Features and Specifications

Unlike most of the other automated dog ball launchers, Frenzy doesn’t need power or batteries at all in order to work. It is designed to use gravity as the only way of propelling balls outwards from the device. Putting a ball in the top opening makes it go through a slide and out through one of the three bottom openings at random.

This concept makes for an unpredictable trajectory which makes your pooch unable to predict in which direction to give chase. We have to give credit where it is due – iFetch company created a simple yet creative toy that will never become repetitive and boring for your pet.

When it comes to dimensions, this is a mini size dog toy which makes it lightweight and compact and that is always great if you intend to carry or move it around. It measures 9 x 9 x 11 inches and weighs just 3 pounds.

frenzy review

What Type Of Dog Balls Are Compatible With This Toy?

It uses small 1.5-inch diameter balls we already know from other iFetch made toys. Note that once they get worn out or destroyed – you will have to buy the exact same replacements which is a slight disadvantage in our opinion. We wish it uses tennis size standard ones although we can’t fault iFetch seeing how this toy is intended for small and medium size dog breeds.

Thankfully, you get three blue balls in the retail package which can last for a very long time before needing a replacement. They are tested to be completely pet-safe.

We also like the fact that there is a storage compartment on the bottom of the Frenzy where you can store all three balls when not using it.

frenzy balls

Real Life Testing And Performance

More experienced doggie owners, who are already familiar with previous iFetch and iFetch Too models, are probably wondering how this new product compares? Well, that is a question for which there isn’t a straight answer. Previous models are both powered with strong motors that could shoot balls to great distances. The Frenzy is a gravity powered dog ball dispenser and its main advantage is the affordable price and no internal moving parts or batteries.

During our testing, we found it to be best used in indoor areas and for playing with smaller dog breeds. Also, it is better to place it on smooth and flat surface floors so that balls can cover more distance rolling away. For owners of big dogs who are active and need more exercise – this is not the model to go for, that’s for sure. We feel that iFetch had in mind, apartments and smaller house owners, where space is limited, as the main target audience for this toy dog ball launcher. When you consider how those owners will benefit the most from using the Frenzy – you really cannot fault this product in anyway really.


• Automatic yet does not use power nor batteries

• Good build quality

• Affordable price

• Best for indoors use


• Limited range of ball movement

• Not for big breeds of dogs


This is a simple yet innovative dog toy that is a nice addition to the iFetch company portfolio of products. With an attractive price tag and a great build quality, we recommend this product to all of you who want to train your dog in indoor spaces.