5 Steps of Teaching Your Dog to Play with Frisbee

teach your dog to play frisbee

Any kind of play activity with your pet is a very positive and fulfilling experience. Not only are you both enjoying spending time together and bonding, you are also effectively exercising. Daily activity is an important requirement for keeping your doggie happy.

In case you don’t already know, Frisbee toys are available for k9s too and there are plenty of interesting models that you can buy. Designed to be used for playing with dogs, this type of Frisbee is resistant to damage from chewing, floats in water and it is completely made out of pet-safe materials.

However, getting this toy is one thing, making your pet interested into chasing it is the true objective here. This guide will teach you how you can effectively make your pooch have fun chasing Frisbees.

No.1 - Buying a Frisbee toy

First and foremost, before training your pet to chase the disk-shaped toy, you must first decide which model you want to buy. You have to know playing habits of your dog and choose a model accordingly. If you are a proud owner of a bigger and heavier k9 then you should go for high-performance Frisbee that can fly over longer distances. This will help your pet exercise more while chasing it.

In case you own a smaller doggie breed, you can go for more conventional models with smaller size diameters. You also have a choice of different Dog Frisbee build materials so in case your pet likes to chew and destroy its toys – opt to buy damage resistant ones. Almost all of the models that are available on the market are water proof and float in water in case you want to play in or near water surfaces.

frisbee for dogs
Popular dog Frisbee.

No.2 - Getting Your Pet To Play With It

So, you bought your doggie its brand-new fetch toy and now both of you are anxious to start playing. You can quickly make your pet interested in its Frisbee toy by unpacking it right in front of it. Just by showing and giving it to your k9 so that it can take it to play will make for a good first introduction.

As soon as your pooch grabs the Frisbee with its mouth take it and after a while give it back. Repeat this process a couple of times and that’s it! You can now go out to play fetch and your pet will happily chase after its new favorite toy.

No.3 – Start With Slow Intensity Games

Remember that you need to keep your dog’s attention on the Frisbee at all times when the two of you are playing! It is best to go slow when playing fetch for the first couple of playing sessions. You want to make an attachment between your k9 and its brand-new toy. Start with short throwing distances and even play some tug of war. This will make your pet understand that the centre of the game is, in fact, the Frisbee toy.

You can throw it up in the air and appear like it’s too much fun so you’re playing longer with it and not giving the toy to your pet. This will make it want the Frisbee even more and as soon as you see your dog jumping or raising on its two back feet – throw the flying disc and they will immediately start chasing it. The first couple of throws won’t make your pet return the toy to you so it’s important that you call it back and make it understand or teach it the new command.

That will make it let go of the Frisbee to allow a new throw from you. After a couple of these introductory play sessions, you can intensify the training and make your k9 run and exercise more.

No.4 – Long Frisbee Throwing For More Air Time

Remember that your pet enjoys the act of chase itself the most. To most dogs, the object that they’re after doesn’t matter that much as soon as they start running. That is why it’s important that your Frisbee throwing skills match the activity level of your k9. Make sure that you never hit your pooch with their toy and try to get the most distance every single time.

You want your dog to run as much as it can as this will keep it healthy and in best possible shape. Adjust throwing angles and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even angle a Frisbee to roll on the ground after it lands which makes it more difficult and more challenging to catch. Your doggie will certainly love playing fetch and happily return for another go, no matter what.

No.5 – Reward And Commend Your Dog After Each Successful Catch And Retrieval

Plenty of dog owners out there do not really understand the importance of praise and rewarding whenever they interact with their pet. Doggies love getting a pat on the back or words of praise and encouragement from their owners. Snacks and treats also make for a nice reward.

All of this affirms your k9 and boosts its confidence. It makes it know that it does something right so it is important to repeat keep encouraging it after each successful Frisbee retrieval. This will make your pet happier and more confident of themselves. Furthermore, it will make it want to play every time and never lose interest in the middle of the playing session.


Frisbee toys for dogs are as fun for them as they’re are for us. Slightly adapted to endure damage from chewing they are also great everyday companion toy for your furry pet. Believe us, once your k9 starts playing with its new disc shape plaything, you will have a hard time getting it to put it away. Frisbee discs are great for both low and high-intensity training that will always keep your doggie joyful and healthy.

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