10 Essential Things to Take When You Go on a Trip with Your Dog

road trip with your dog

As with most of the dog owners out there – we also like to go on road trips with our dog and enjoy our time together. For some of you out there who may not be aware – there are some necessary preps to be taken care of before venturing out and away from home with your k9 for extended periods of time. We wrote this article as a guide for all of you who need advice about packing with your doggie before spending some great time together on a road trip. Following these simple steps ensures that you enjoy your time together which will make you bond in the best possible way without worries.

No. 1 – Vaccines and Immunisation

In case you weren’t aware when you got your dog for the first time – you need to have a vet vaccinate your pet in order to keep it safe from sickness and disease. Immunisation is given to k9 from the moment they are born and it helps them stay healthy and safe from viruses and bacteria. Since you plan on visiting other countries or towns, there are health concerns for your pet as it can get infected in different climates and conditions. Our advice is that you visit your vet before going on a trip for additional vaccinations that will keep your k9 safe from illness.

No. 2 – Medication and Therapy

If your pooch has a condition that requires a regular supply of meds and care – it doesn’t prevent you from taking it along for the trip. All you need to do is to ensure that you have a large supply of medication and your veterinarian's phone number with you just in case. You can always buy new meds wherever you go yet we still advise that you bring your own supply along.

No. 3 – Microchip and an ID Collar

Needless to say, these two important identification factors are an obligatory matter to any pet owner no matter what. You have to consider that your k9 might get distracted and chase an animal it had never seen before or simply wander off which can mean separation from you. Having a strong and durable collar with an ID tag on it means that someone can contact you in case your pet gets lost. Make sure that the tag contains up-to-date info about your mobile phone, address and your name. Microchip does the same thing without worrying if the collar gets lost.

No. 4 – Water and a Water Container

As it is for us humans, water is essential for doggies too. Make sure that you always carry a larger bottle or any kind of water container of this precious fluid that will keep both you and your pet well hydrated. Playing outdoors is a lot of fun but it makes a k9 sweat and drool so always have water to keep him in best condition especially in the warmer climates.

No. 5 – Food and Snacks

You should always have a good amount of dog food with you when you are out on a trip. We recommend that you buy cans and vacuum packs in a greater amount than you will possibly need. You never know how much you will stay with no dog food stores around so having your own supply is always a good thing.

No. 6 – Waste Bags

We must point out the absolute necessity of having a good amount of doggy waste bags with you when you go out on a trip. For convenience, it is a better to bring along plastic ones that are much easier to use and dispose of.

No. 7 - Dog Seat

Passenger safety should always be a top priority for every vehicle owner regardless of who or what the passengers are. For smaller dog breeds, having a way of securing your pet in your vehicle is a must. This will ensure that it doesn’t get harmed during abrupt braking in case of emergency. You can also use dog crates and even carrying cages if your pet is used to travelling in them. If you own a bigger dog then a seatbelt is a perfect way of keeping it safe and in one place.

No. 8 – Blankets and Sleeping Bags

If you are planning to camp and sleep outside with your pets then you should bring along warm blankets and sleeping bags. Nights in even some of the warmer climates can get really cold so it would be a good idea to make sure that your k9 stays warm during sleep. It is for the best that you bring blankets with a various thickness that will keep your options open and your pooch warm and cosy at night.

No. 9 – Leash or Harness

Going out and trekking across open terrain can get your doggie really excited. The same way that the owners get thrilled when exploring new areas, their k9 also becomes curious and even more excited. They’ll surely want to run and sniff out every tree and bush they can so it is important to keep them on a leash for a while. You can let them loose once they get used to their surroundings. If you have a strong dog, then using a harness is a better option. Also, if you go over a steep or uneven terrain make sure to give your pet all the freedom of movement it needs. You can also use a dog stroller and see why these products are great for your puppy

No. 10 – Dog Toys

Every road trip adventure will be much more fun for both you and your k9 when you are playing on unexplored and new grounds. We suggest that you bring its favorite dog toys so that it can feel comfortable and relaxed no matter where you go.


Being well prepared ensures that your trip goes well from beginning to end.  Since outdoor adventure is the best time for bonding between owners and their dogs – having all the necessities keeps you both happy and having fun during your dog road trip.