6 Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

6 Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

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Every pet owner knows how much effort and dedication it takes to keep a tidy home when there is dog hair all over the place. But, don’t let this make you feel desperate! We have rounded up our tried-and-true methods for total fur domination.

1. Groom Your Dog Regularly

Regular brushing is key to a fur-free home. Let’s be honest: how often do you skip grooming with a promise that you will do it tomorrow? But, bear in mind that this is an efficient way to reduce the amount of pet’s hair in your house.

How many times you will need to brush your furry friend depends on his size. If your canine doesn’t shed a lot, you may be able to groom every two or three days. But, if he has a double coat, brush him every day at least for a few minutes. Another way that will help you to have a fur-free home is to bath your pooch regularly to keep the shedding down a bit.

2. Use Rubber Gloves to Clean the Furniture

Letting your dog sleep or jump on the furniture may not be the best idea. That's because your upholstery will be covered with his hair. However, if your little furry friend loves taking a nap on a sofa, then you will need some easy solution to remove the fur from it.

A rubber glove is a perfect product that you can use for situations like these. When you put it on, run your hand over a sofa or bed to attract the fur and roll it into a nice, small ball. Don’t forget to rinse the glove after every use.

3. Vacuum Daily

When it comes to cleaning up dog hair, the good quality dog hair vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for you. It will allow you to get rid of fur around your home within minutes. Remember that vacuuming the hair on a daily basis will make a difference.

This unit will be doing most of the work for you, so make sure to keep it in good shape. Don’t forget to do regular maintenance such as checking the belt, brush roller, and cleaning the filter.

4. Before Vacuuming the Carpet, Dampen and Sweep it

To pick a lot of dog hair from the carpet, first, dampen it and then remove the fur with a rubber broom. Sprinkle baking soda on your floor and leave it for about ten minutes. That way you will prevent odors.

Be careful not to wet the carpet too much, because it will need some time to dry. 

And the wet surface is an ideal environment for mildew and mold to grow. And nobody wants to experience that.

5. Use a Roll of Tape

How many times have you noticed, you’ve got the dog hair all over your clothes? Well, let’s face it, this happens to all pet owners. But, you can always keep a duct tape or a roll of packing by the door, so you can remove the hair from your clothing before you leave the house.

You could also wrap it around the hand and remove the fur from the furniture. Another solution to this problem that will also work is lint rollers. However, bear in mind that they run out fast.

6. Furniture Covers

Place slipcovers on sofa your pooch like to use as a regular spot. When choosing the right one for your furniture, make sure they are machine washable. It is essential to clean it regularly, at least every couple of weeks.

Remember to shake the hair out before you place it in the washing machine. You are never going to get rid of it all, but you will reduce the amount in your house.