For owners who are always on tight schedules and perhaps not enough time to dedicate their attention to their pets – these cool play toys are a great solution. You simply can’t ignore their practicality. If you struggle to pay attention and don’t have the time to go out and play with your k9 as often as you should then this simple device is a godsend. They work by launching or throwing the ball forward and work autonomously. Once you train your pup how to use these cool gadgets – they can continue playing on their own.

automatic ball thrower for dogs

These automatic ball throwers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to their simple design, they can work even without being constantly plugged into the power outlet, by using battery power only. Depending on the size of your dog, you have a choice of small and big size models. Compact toy launchers often use smaller balls which are great for small to medium size breeds. Most owners use them in indoor areas because they are well suited for small spaces. The bigger and more powerful automatic ball throwers are great for big and active breeds of dogs and these devices usually come with a stronger motor. Some models reach shooting distances of well over 100 feet when propelling balls in the air.

We have a handy guide for helping you gain insight into which one is the best suited for your pet. The best-known manufacturers on the market are iFetch, Go Dog Go and Pet Safe. There is also a choice from other manufacturers that make toys which use good old manual throwing power and come cheaper too. All of them make a great competition to each other with good quality products which have plenty to offer to customers. Small details differentiate their dog toys and ultimately this is where we step in with this guide to help you decide which brand to go for. Keep reading to learn more and find out what each model has to offer.

Comparison Table

ifetch too comparison tableiFetch Too$$$Model intended for big size breeds4.8 out of 5
ifetch comparison tableiFetch$$Perfect for smaller size dogs4.7 out of 5
godoggo g4 launcher comparison tableGoDogGo G4 Launcher$$$$Packed with great performance3.8 out of 5
petsafe automatic ball launcher comparison tablePetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher$$$Powerful launcher with lots of great features4.0 out of 5
chuckit classic launcher comparison tableChuckIt Classic$Simplicity at its best4.5 out of 5
oxgord bazooka comparison tableOxGord Bazooka$$Ball launcher with great performance4.0 out of 5
hyper pet k9 kannon comparison tableHyper Pet K9 Kannon$$Simple yet effective launcher toy3.7 out of 5

Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase


Always pick a model based on the size of your dog since some of the models use balls that are different in size and weight. We recommend choosing launchers that use standard size tennis balls as this will allow you to have a better choice when buying replacements.


Decide where you will be allowing your pet to play with its automatic ball launcher. Choosing a powerful model that was intended for use in outdoors is a sure way of damaging your interior spaces. Indoor models use low power motors which ensure slower ball speeds and shorter distances. Opposite of them, outdoor throwers are very powerful and intended to launch balls at fast speeds.


Consider the price, performance and features that you will get for your spent funds. If you do not need extra functionality such as remote control or inbuilt batteries – you can save quite a lot of money. Decide what you want from your automatic ball launcher and plan your costs accordingly. If you do not need fancy automated devices then manual ball launchers will do just fine. The best thing about their simplistic design is that you will also be exercising along with your pet.

Short Reviews For The Best Models On The Market

After spending, lots of time using this model we came to a conclusion that this is the best automatic ball launcher for dogs currently on the market. It combines an almost ideal combination of build quality and powerful performance which is perfect for owners of large size dogs. For working breeds that need a lot of daily exercises, this model will be more than adequate. It launches tennis size balls high and far enough to keep your pooch in good shape and in perfect health.

If you do not mind a bit higher price tag – you will get a device which uses quality materials that are durable to damage and also weather proof. The great design and intuitive functionality allow your pet to quickly learn how to load the loading mechanism on its own. Use of tennis size balls ensures that owners will easily replace those that get damaged and torn over time. It operates in both corded and cordless mode which is always an advantage in terms of functionality. Overall, this model deserves our recommendation as being best price-to-performance ratio model on the market currently.

Be sure to read our comprehensive review for iFetch Too to find more about specifications and detailed test findings.

For owners of small to medium size breeds of dogs, we can safely recommend iFetch as being an ideal choice. Not only does this model come with a reasonable price tag, it also packs enough power to work great in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It offers both cordless (uses C type batteries) and corded operating modes which are always nice for portability and moving it along to wherever you want to play with your k9.

ifetch review

It is great for indoor use as the motor is well adapted to launch at slower speeds which ensures that no damage comes from flying balls in your rooms. The possible damage that may occur as a consequence of your playful pet doesn’t count!

Unlike the rest of the competition this device uses smaller size balls and you get 3 of these included in the package. Replacing them means that you will have to buy them from iFetch which can be a bit limiting. The advantage is that they are soft and light so you don’t have to worry that they will harm your doggie if it decides to stare into the launcher opening.

This model has a large user following since it has proven itself as being one of the best quality devices with great features and design. Add an affordable price to the list and you have a winner on your hands. This one also gets our recommendation for owners of smaller size doggies. You can read more about our impressions in our full review of iFetch.

This is a flashy looking automatic ball launcher which offers impressive performance at the cost of being much pricier than the rest of the competition. It launches balls in different sizes which make it more universally functional. It performs great even when there are mud and dirt layers over the balls. It offers the most performance by far and achieves greater distances than any other tested device. Something that products from competitors cannot match.

godoggo g4 review

However, the biggest disadvantage of this product, besides its higher asking price, is the constant lack of stock in stores. We were lucky enough to get our model for our full review and we noticed that there are no available units on the market as of right now. Nevertheless, if you happen to find one of these online, consider them as a buying option since the low availability means that the customers are very satisfied with it.

This is another automatic launcher toy for dogs that is a nice alternative to the other more popular models on the market. The design is sleek and good looking which might appeal to the more fashion-inclined owners.

With its great customizability that allows up to 9 launching power settings and an unusually high, 6 flying angle adjustments means that it has no competition. This makes it great for the dog owner who wants to set up their playing sessions to their exact requirements. It is portable and thanks to lots of adjustments – works great no matter if it's placed indoors or outdoors. The use of standard size tennis balls limits its functionality somewhat for owners of smaller dog breeds, though.

petsafe review

The main disadvantage of this otherwise features packed ball launcher is its unreliable quality. It seems that there are numerous quality control issues with this model which makes it an unlikely choice for most of the potential owners. Newer revisions of the product do not suffer from malfunctions so make sure to read our full PetSafe review to find out more about how it performs.

ChuckIt a well-known manufacturer of dog toys that so many customers use for some old fashion fetch games fun time with their pets. There is no fancy electronics and powerful motors that do all the work for you. It is your interaction with your pooch that makes you bond to each other faster. The fun factor with this type of toys is immense and you will be enjoying every second of this healthy activity along with your doggie.

chuckit classic launcher review

The simple construction of this toy can fool you to think that there is no performance in it. You’d be very wrong since these toys can propel tennis size balls more than 150 feet far. This will be more than enough to keep your pet happily chasing and exercising. The best thing of this simplistic design is its very affordable price. Make sure to check out our ChuckIt review page to find out more.

This launcher toy is unlike the rest of the models on the market. It can be described as being flashy looking, that’s for sure. The elongated shape of this model allows it to launch tennis size balls for more than 30 feet in the air. The simple firing mechanism doesn’t offer that much performance as the rest of the competition, but hey, this is also one of the most affordable semi-automatic dog ball launchers on the market. The use of plastic materials for the body and simple launching mechanism keeps the price down.

hyper pet k9 kannon review

This toy is best suited for kids that want to play with their pets and also want to look cool. This makes K-9 Kannon a nice and affordable alternative to the more expensive models. It represents good value while still allowing hands-free operation which some users will appreciate.

Training Your Dog To Play With A Ball Launcher On Its Own

There is nothing better than teaching your pooch to learn how to use the automatic ball launcher on its own in order to play anytime it wants. Doing so will allow you to invest your time where you need it most and still keep your pet healthy and well exercised.

Once your dog learns how to return the ball and place it into the loading opening – your effort is a complete success. Few repetitions of this procedure will help your dog gain a habit and allow it to play whenever it wants. Watch this clip on how to train your k9 to use automatic ball launchers without anyone’s help.


Investing into a reliable ball launcher toy made by a well-known manufacturer ensures that you do not experience frustration and disappointments when you go out to play with your pet. The models in our guide are some of the best around and you can rest assured that no matter which one you choose – both you and your dog will enjoy playing with it.

We always recommend automatic models as they are more versatile and allow you to keep your k9 in great shape and good health even when you do not have the time to dedicate to activity such as walking and playing on your busy days. Our choice for automatic models comes down to one of the iFetch products while the recommendation for simpler toys goes to ChuckIt products.

Feel free to read through our more detailed reviews to learn more about each individual model that we’ve tested. It will also help you learn how to avoid buying a low-quality dog ball launcher.

It will also help you learn how to avoid buying a low-quality dog ball launcher.

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