Gangster Dog Names for Bad-Assed Pups

Gangster Dog Name

An Offer You Can’t Refuse — The Best Gangster Dog Names for Your Pooch

If you’re stumped over what to call your dog, why not step up your game with one of these gangster dog names? Whether you have a tough, brawny Rottweiler or a small, cheeky Chihuahua, a gangster-inspired name can reflect your pup’s personality while giving them some street cred too.

Inspired by famous mobsters, bandits and outlaws, past and present, fictional and real life, gangster-inspired names can give your pup an air of swagger and be fun too.

Best Dog Gangster Names Inspired by Classic Gangsters

Best Dog Gangster Names

Old gangster names for dogs are inspired by the classic age of prohibition mobsters and fictional gangsters that can make ideal names for tough pups.

  • Al (or Big Al) — Inspired by perhaps the most famous mobster of all time, Al Capone, Al is a short but tough moniker for any pup. And, did you know — Al Capone was never charged with any of his mobster crimes, including murder, but was finally jailed for tax evasion?

  • Capone — Why just stick with the first name? Capone also makes a pretty cool Mafia dog name for a streetwise pup.

  • Scarface — A nickname for Al Capone but also the pseudonym of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana in the mobster film of the same title.

  • Bugsy — One of the best gangster puppy names for smaller dogs has to be Bugsy, after the infamous mobster Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Seigel — one of the founders of the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Lucky — Charles “Lucky” Luciano was a key figure in the establishment of the modern-day American Mafia. Luciano could also make a good Italian-inspired name for your pooch.

  • Nucky — One for fans of the TV series, ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson was a recurring character who was a powerful political figure and gangster.

  • Machine Gun — A famous gangster from the Prohibition era, ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly. It also makes a great name for those more persistent pups that just keep coming at you like an automatic rifle.

  • Corleone — Named after the famous Godfather family of the Francis Ford Coppola series of films.

  • Don — Short for ‘Don Corleone’ — the term used for the boss of the Mafia family in The Godfather.

  • Brando — Name your pup after Marlon Brando, the world-famous actor who played Vito Corleone in The Godfather. Perfect for pups with those famous Brando-like jowls such as the Boxer.

  • Mugsy — A nickname for some of the tough guys of the Mafia in the early 20th Century.

  • Gambino — One of the most powerful crime families in the USA.

  • Tony — Anybody remember ‘The Sopranos?’ Tony Soprano was the mob boss in this popular TV drama series.

  • Dutch — A name inspired by Dutch Schultz, an infamous New York mobster in the 1920s.

  • Cagney — James Cagney played many gangster roles in the golden era of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s.

  • Godpaw — A clever twist on The Godfather theme…..a wise and respected pup!

  • Vito — The name of the crime family patriarch in The Godfather series of books and films.

  • Bugs — Bugs Moran was a rival of Al Capone.

  • Gotti — Inspired by John Gotti, the ‘Teflon Don’ — nothing ever stuck to him.

  • Lansky — Known as the mob’s accountant, Meyer Lansky was a member of the mob who developed a worldwide gambling empire. He enjoys the title of one of the most financially successful gangsters in American history.

  • Escobar — Perhaps the most infamous drug lord of all time and the world’s biggest gangster, Pablo Escobar ran his organized crime network from Colombia.

  • Ronnie and Reggie — Gangsters aren’t just exclusive to the US — over the pond, the Kray twins terrorized London in the swinging sixties with their crime empire. Perfect if you own a couple of badass pups.

  • Mr. White — Another gangster dog name well suited for large white dogs. This name takes its inspiration from the Quentin Tarantino classic ‘Reservoir Dogs.’

  • Dillinger — One of America’s most famous bank robbers, John Dillinger.

Italian Mafia Names for Dogs

Italian Mafia Names for Dogs

Let’s go back to Italy, where the modern Mafiosi was said to have originated. These Italian-themed names make great names for a dog or gangster wannabe pooch.

  • Gino.

  • Luciano.

  • Maranzano.

  • Salvatore.

  • Toto.

  • Carlo.

  • Giovanni.

  • Guido.

  • Mario.

  • Luigi.

  • Rocco.

  • Bruno.

  • Alberto.

  • Dino.

  • Fabrizio.

  • Marco.

Mexican-Inspired Gangster Dog Names

Mexican-Inspired Gangster Dog Names

Now let’s hit Central America for ideas — with a few mobsters, cartels, and outlaws of Spanish/Mexican origin. 

  • Pedro.

  • Cordero.

  • Mexicali.

  • Cancun.

  • Saltillo.

  • Morelia.

  • Blanco.

  • Javier.

  • Mazatlan.

  • Emilio.

  • Merida.

  • Santo.

  • Carlos.

  • Pablo.

  • Francisco.

  • Sonora.

Gangsta Dog Names Inspired by Gangsta Rap

Gangsta Dog Names

Gangsta rap can also be a great source of badass names for your pup — while adding that extra street cred for your loyal companion.

  • Dre — A short cool name inspired by the famous rapper and producer Dr Dre.

  • Ice — Made for a big white fluffy dog, Ice could refer to their coat color or be in reference to Ice Cube or Ice-T — both famous rappers and actors.

  • Ghost — We’re talking about Ghostface Killah, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, an iconic rap group.

  • Biggie — A tribute to the infamous late rapper, Biggie Smalls, better known as the Notorious B.I.G., who was killed in a drive-by shooting.

  • Tupac — An influential rapper, Tupac Shakur was one of the casualties of inter-rapper gangster warfare. One of the best gangster names pitbull dogs could have — a tough name for a tough dog.

  • Busta — Busta is a great moniker for any pooch, but this gangster name takes its inspiration from Busta Rhymes, the influential crossover rapper.

  • Kodak — After the top-selling rapper, Kodak Black from Florida, Kodak would be a great gangsta rap name for a fluffy black dog.

What Gangster Dog Names Do Rappers Give Their Dogs?

Many gangster rappers are incredibly talented and creative artists, which is reflected through their canine companion’s names. 

  • Juelz — Rapper Lil Wayne’s pooch, named after fellow rapper Juelz Santana.

  • King — Tyga, the rapper chose perhaps the most powerful and dominant of dog names for his pup. Tyga is also one of the coolest gangster dog names male dogs could have.

  • Vincent — Whiz Khalifa picked Vincent for his dog, maybe inspired by John Travolta’s gangster character Vincent Vega in ‘Pulp Fiction.’

  • Roscoe — Snoop Dogg himself is a proud dog owner, and chose the old-school name Roscoe for his pooch. It could also refer to Sheriff Roscoe who chased many mobsters and bandits out of town in The Dukes of Hazzard.

  • Trappy — Rapper 2 Chainz decided to name his pup after another form of music, trap, which had much of its roots in the gangster rap scene.

Female Dog Gangster Names

Most of the pup names we’ve looked at so far are gangster dog names for males, probably because most famous gangsters in the past have been guys. But some female mobster monikers would make great names for a sassy pup.

  • Madame — The common nickname for Stephanie St. Clair who worked with many of the New York mobsters. It’s ideal for a pesky little pup who can be a bit of a madam.

  • Bonnie — Half of the famous outlaw bandits, Bonnie and Clyde — if your pooch has a ‘partner in crime,’ Bonnie and Clyde would be a great double act.

  • Roxie — Roxie Hart was the gun-toting murderer in the musical ‘Chicago’ who was accused of killing her husband in cold blood.

  • Tallulah — Every mobster needs a moll, and Tallulah was the glamorous companion of the juvenile musical gangster, Bugsy Malone. Perfect for a pretty Pekingese, Pomeranian, or Toy Poodle gangster moll of a pup.

  • Flamingo — Perfect for those feminine, cute little pups with just a hint of gangster tendencies. Flamingo was the nickname of Bugsy Siegal’s girlfriend, and, of course, the inspiration for the Vegas Strip hotel.

  • Rita — Short and snappy, just like many smaller pups, Rita Rio was the girlfriend of a well-known member of the Dutch Schultz mob family.

  • Kiki — A well-known mob mistress, Marion Roberts was commonly referred to as Kiki.

  • Sophia Soprano — A pun-filled play on the popular long-running Mafia TV series, The Sopranos.

Other female mobster or gangster names include:

  • Evie.

  • Smitty.

  • Margo.

  • Carmen.

  • Nancy.

  • Lottie.

  • Queenie.

  • Opal.

  • Ma Baker.

  • Flo.

  • Beau.

Bandit-Inspired Gangster Dog Names

Bandit-Inspired Gangster Dog Names

Old-fashioned bandits like those from the days of the Wild West often go hand in hand with gangsters. These outlaw-themed names can be just as tough for your gangster pooch as anything the mob has to offer.

  • Butch — For strong pooches inspired by Butch Cassidy of the Wild West gang, the Wild Bunch.

  • Sundance — You can’t have Butch Cassidy without the Sundance Kid.

  • Clyde — The other half of Bonnie and Clyde, the notorious Wild West bandits.

  • Billy — As in Billy the Kid, the famous Wild West outlaw.

  • Jesse — Jesse James was perhaps one of the most notorious outlaws of his day.

  • Calamity — Calamity Jane was a frontierswoman and alleged outlaw — the ideal moniker for a cheeky minx of a pup.

  • Black Bart — The notorious stagecoach robber, Charles E. Bowles was hunted by the nickname Black Bart.

  • Belle — Another of the famous female outlaws of the West was Belle Starr.

  • Kid Curry — A lesser-known member of the Wild Bunch, Harvey Logan adopted the name Kid Curry.

  • Bob — This is a classic name for any pooch, but Bob Ford gained fame in the days of the Wild West as the man who killed Jesse James.

  • Red — Norman ‘Red’ Ryan was a Canadian bank robber and outlaw. It's ideal for comical wiener dogs with their red hues in their coats.

Pun-tastic Gangsta Dog Names

Sometimes it can be fun to give your dog a lengthy title that plays on well-known names. It may not be something you call out in the park, but at home, you can introduce your furry gangster as ‘Pup Corleone’ to your guests.

Get ready to groan — some of these are really corny:

  • Bonnie Barker — A play on Bonnie Parker.

  • Clyde Paw-row — Bonnie’s accomplice, Clyde Barrow.

  • Tony ‘Two Paws’ Accardo — The poker-loving mobster Tony “Two Aces” Accardo — for the cheeky pup who always has something up their sleeve.

  • Salvatore Sniffer — For a gangster dog with a keen sense of smell after Sal Maroni, a mob boss in the Batman comics.

  • Don Poochelone — A play on Don Corleone from The Godfather movies and one of the best gangster puppy names for cute little Goodfellas.

  • Charlie ‘The Barkster’ Luciano — A fun name inspired by Lucky Luciano.

  • Frankie “Two Tails” Costello — A gangster dog name for a pup with an extra-fluffy tail.

  • Lucky Dograno — This is a playful combination of Lucky Luciano and the Godfather himself, Marlon Brando.

  • Scar Pawcino — A canine twist on Scarface’s Tony Montana character.

The rest need no explanation — we hope!

  • The Wooffather.

  • Paws Capone.

  • Lucky Canino.

  • Don Woofy Corleone.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a Pug with a larger-than-life personality or a German Shepherd with a heart of gold, there's a gangster-inspired name that's perfect for your pup. From the infamous Al Capone to the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde, these names capture the spirit of the criminal world.

If you're a fan of Mafia movies or simply fascinated by mob culture, consider one of these gangster dog names for your canine ‘partner in crime.’ After all, every pooch deserves a name that suits their unique personality, and one of these names might just be the perfect fit.

Gangster Dog Names FAQs

What Is a Powerful Dog Name?

Gangsters had incredible power and strength. Although he may have been one of the good guys, nothing says strength more than the name Samson — just make sure you don’t cut your pooch’s hair off!

What Are Bad Ass Dog Names?

You don’t have to stick with just gangster dog names if you want a badass name for your canine companion — many of the gods and mythical figures of ancient legend had badass names too:

  • Zeus.

  • Xena.

  • Aries.

  • Hermes.

  • Poseidon.

  • Hades.

  • Spartacus.

  • Leo.

Are Gangster Puppy Names Suitable for All Dog Breeds?

Yes, gangster dog names can work for all breeds, but you should consider your dog's personality and appearance when choosing a name. Some names may be more fitting for certain breeds or individual dogs.

For example, Red is an obvious choice for an Irish Setter, or other red-haired dog breeds, or Mr White for a big white fluffy dog.

Will My Dog Respond to a Gangster Name?

Dogs will respond to the sound of their name when they hear it enough, so the key is to choose something that you can pronounce clearly and that your dog can distinguish. With a little training, your dog can learn to respond to any name.

Can You Change a Dog’s Name?

We’re sure many gangsters have wanted to change their names over the years, but what if you feel you’ve chosen the wrong name for your pup?

Fortunately, it’s not too uncommon for dog owners to change their dog's name. Dogs will adapt with some training and patience. Simply start using the new name consistently, and your dog will soon learn to respond to it. The younger, the better though, remember, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.