5 Important Considerations Before Buying an Outdoor Dog Bed

outdoor dog bed

Dog beds can be considered as a must have accessory for any responsible owner who pays attention and cares for their pet. There are so many of these products on the market and choosing between them can be a daunting experience. Especially for the first-time shoppers. If you cannot decide or don’t have an idea which one to get for your k9, this article will guide you in the right direction. We will discuss essential tips that will make you choose the best outdoor dog bed for your furry friend. Read on to find out more.

Choice Of Materials

While this may seem like something not worth paying attention to we cannot stress enough how important it is to opt for the doggie bed made using high-quality materials. With so many non-pet-safe products on the market, one can never be certain just what they’re buying. Using products with toxic and untested materials can cause all sorts of illness to your pet. Make sure that you pay attention if the manufacturer of the doggie beds of your choice states pet-safe certification on its products!

The choice of materials for beddings and beds for dogs must serve a purpose and function. If you want your pet to be safe from temperature fluctuations and warm no matter the weather, then you must choose accordingly. Fabrics made out of synthetic materials are great for warm weather and also dry up faster. With these, you won’t have to worry about fleas, lice nor mould. Synthetic materials like memory foams are very comfortable however they need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Natural materials like cotton and cedar are also frequently used for making k9 beds. They are also good for repelling insects and handle moisture and colder weather quite nicely. Comfort is also an advantage of these materials since they flex and stretch to support the weight over the entire surface area. When it comes to maintenance, natural fabric made beds require frequent washing and cleaning so future owners should keep that in mind.

Durability Considerations

Another thing that should be seriously considered is the overall strength and durability of materials for your k9’s bed. It really doesn’t matter that you bought the most comfortable model if your pet tears it to pieces. Also, models that can’t stand up to the influence of weather elements cannot be considered as being adequate for outdoor use. Buying a doggie bed intended for indoor use and placing it outside will cause irreparable damage.

We always suggest choosing bed materials based on what type of breed your dog is. If your pet likes to chew and tear through toys then going with strong synthetic nylon ripstop is always the best choice. These are strong and durable and will last a long time. Otherwise, if you own a peaceful pooch that likes to rest a lot and doesn’t destroy its toys, then going with natural material beds is a perfect choice.

Temperament Of Your Dog

This also plays a major role before making a choice what to buy. If your pet likes to jump and run over the bed then it’s obvious that you will need a more durable model. In case it likes to cover itself in mud and water then you should buy a model with waterproofing. And if they have a longer fur that is a pain to clean then imagine what it will do its bed. Going for synthetic, easy to clean models, really is the only right choice in such case. It dries up faster and it is not difficult to keep clean.

Climate Factors

If you live in warmer regions where there is a low probability of wind and snow then you do not have to bother with thick and electrically heated outdoor beds. Instead, you should focus on models that have weaving that allows air to move freely and keep your pooch comfortable in the sun. It will also regulate moisture levels which is essential for areas with high amounts of humidity. These beds will prevent your dog's health problems such as breathing issues. Synthetic polypropylene fabric made beds are a good choice as they regulate temperature and moisture well while also being resistant to weather.

If you require an outdoor doggie bed in places where cold days are dominant throughout the year then you might consider beds with thicker padding that will keep your k9 warm and cosy outside. Memory foam is a good choice of a material although wool and cotton will equally do just fine. These materials should always be thicker in order to insulate your pet from the outside temperature drops. These are rarely waterproof so you should always make sure that these types of beds are positioned somewhere where snow or rain won’t get in contact with them. For these, frequent maintenance is a must.

Size and Dimensions

Do you own a Saint Bernard or a Maltese? Always choose the right size outdoor bed that will provide enough comfort for your pet. You don’t need to waste money and buy a large size model for your mini size k9. Also, buying a smaller or lower weight capacity beds for your large k9 can cause injury and serious health issues like hip dysplasia and even arthritis in some cases.

Most manufacturers state the weight capacity of each bed so check those specifications before making a choice. The shape of the dog beds themselves does not matter much so it’s up to you to pick the design that looks the most pleasing to your eye. It is comfort that matters to your pooch the most so when it comes to visual attributes they are there only to please the owners.


Buying the right outdoor dog bed brings so many benefits to your k9. Not only will it make them more relaxed and stress-free, it will also improve their quality of sleep. Our guide points out some of the essentials that will make your choice much easier than before. Follow this advice and you can’t go wrong. And always remember - a well-rested dog is a happy dog!