Having Fun with Your Dog During Winter

winter dog activities

Dogs love having fun outdoors no matter the month of the year. More active k9 breeds require daily exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. Their owners, however, do not require nor do they sometimes have the time to take their pets out for a walk or run. Things get more complicated during winter months in regions where heavy snowfall and extreme cold make daily walks difficult and at times almost impossible.

And yet, dogs get anxious when they are closed up and unable to move freely for days at a time. Luckily, there is a solution for winter time activities and we have a nice article that will help owners keep their k9s exercised no matter the outdoor winter conditions. Read on to find out more.

Why Walks And Activity During Winter Is Important For Your Dog

As is the case with humans, proper physical activity keeps the body healthy and in good shape. It really isn’t bad if you sit out several days of extremely low temperatures when going out isn’t advisable for both you and your pet. On the other hand, as soon as the conditions allow – you should use that opportunity to go out and enjoy the snow and colder air as much as you both can.

Dogs with medium and longer length fur handle cold pretty well so you do not have to worry about them once they start walking or running – even in deep snow. Any sort of movement raises k9s body temperature and keeps them comfortable outside, even in subzero temps. If you have a short hair doggie then you must ensure that it wears booties for paws and sweaters or covers for the body.

Breeds with short or no fur can’t keep warm when it's cold outside, so you must ensure that they are protected before stepping outside with them during winter.

Always pay attention to the behavior of your furry pet during winter months. If you spot anxiety, depression, lack of appetite or excessive chewing of toys and in-house objects – you should take it for a brief walk as soon as outside conditions allow you to do so. Being in one place for days or weeks affects doggies in a bad way. Just a couple of minutes out in the snow will make them happy and anxiety free.

Here are some nice ideas for Christmas dog gift that will make winter walks and runs with your dog much more fun!

A Good Old Play Of Fetch

Pick up a fetch toy and see how your k9 makes pathways and ploughs through the snow in order to retrieve it. This will make your pet exercise really well as running through snow and in the cold requires much more energy. Another advantage of playing in the winter is that you will need less time in order to get your doggie optimally worked out. Digging through the snow to find the fetch toy also fulfills their need for searching which satisfies their natural hunting instinct.

Playing With Snowballs

This is another great way to have fun during the winter with your pooch. Make snowballs and throw them for it to chase. The added confusion of not being able to bring them back will make for some funny and memorable moments! You can also throw snowballs into the air which will motivate your k9 to jump in order to catch them midair. This exercise is great for keeping the dog’s bones and muscles in optimal shape even during slow winter months.

Skijoring And Sledging

In case you’re an avid skier – here is a nice idea. You can combine your favorite winter activity with your pet and bring fun for both of you. Skijoring is a very popular wintertime activity that includes having a k9 pulling the skier. If you have a strong dog, it can happily run and also pull you through the snow.

Sledging requires having more than one dog in order to pull sledges through the dense snow although kids can easily be pulled by a single k9 using regular sledges.


Keeping your furry friend happy and healthy should be a top priority for every owner. This is especially true for the winter season. So much adventure can be had out in the snow! It doesn’t matter if go out for a simple walk or a game of fetch – your pooch will be thrilled to spend time with you playing no matter the weather outside!