For dog owners who are more used to playing with their pets with fetch toys, then ChuckIt series of dog toys will be a great choice. Their numerous products are specialised to be used with dogs and are made to last their owners for a longer time than usual. There is a wide variety of tumbler toys to choose from so we’ve prepared a list of some of the best ones available on the market.

Compared to iFetch, products coming from this automatic ball launcher manufacturer are know as affordable yet quality solution when it comes to choosing the best toys for your dog. Keep reading to find out more.

Kick Fetch Ball

Every owner of a larger dog breed experienced the difficulty of finding the perfect play toy at some point in their time of ownership. Large dogs tend to go through their toys faster since they wear and tear them down easier. Finally, you can say goodbye to your frustration since we have a perfect dog toy for you. Kick Fetch is a very big play ball that is made to last longer than other conventional models. It is mostly made out of rubber material which makes it bounce off from surfaces. The inner core material uses foam which allows it to compress when being chewed and extend back to size when flying in the air.

chuckit kick fetch ball

There are two sizes to choose from - small and large. Your choice will mostly depend on the size and weight of your pet. The ball measures 7.5 inches in diameter which makes it more suitable for kicking then throwing using your hands. The design is very colourful and attracts the attention of your dog while also making it highly visible out in the open.

Kick Fetch is definitely made to last long. During our time with it, our golden retriever didn’t yet manage to tear it to shreds. The overall sturdiness of the outer rubber shell combined with the puncture resistant inner core makes this one tough dog toy. This is a great product with an equally great price.

You can also check out their glow-in-the-dark version in case you want to play with your pooch after sunset.

ChuckIt Small Zipflight

This is a simplistic frisbee style toy which is also a bestseller. Dog owners seem to appreciate the plain design and the fun factor that this model provides. Measuring 9 inches in diameter and only 1 inch in width and height allows this toy to fly and cover large distances. Much to your dog’s delight. The low weight helps the flight performance too.

It comes in various colourful designs which will capture the attention and make it easier to spot when it flies over long distances. It's flexible and gentle to the dog’s mouth and it also floats on water so you can even toss it in pools without worries. It proved to be durable and given its decent price we can recommend it as a great choice for owners who are looking a frisbee-like toy for their pets.

chuckit small zipflight

This simple play toy that will keep your pet happy and always running and coming back to play some more with you. This product comes in different shapes and sizes so that dog owners can choose the model that best suits their needs. For smaller breeds, you can pick the models that use 2-inch diameter balls and in case you own a bigger size dog, there is the Classic 26M which can launch heavier and larger size balls much farther.

It comes with great colour choices too which will please fashion oriented owners very much. The simplistic design allows you to catch and throw balls without using your hands. Thanks to its simple construction this toy is among the most affordable on the market.

chuckit classic launcher

If you like taking your dog out on a swim then this is a perfect choice for an amphibious toy. The duck shaped diver will seem like an unsuspecting prey for your hound. Not only will this promote better health by making your dog swim, it will also hone its hunting instincts. And without even noticing the fact that this is a simple toy cheerfully floating on the waves.

Well, this Shark Fin model is a very basic and easy to use product. To operate it one only needs to toss it in the water and the toy and waves do the rest. There is a duck, gator and shark fin shaped model to choose from. All of these are all available in small, medium and large sizes.

chuckit amphibious toy

ChuckIt Balls

For those of you looking for some old fashion one-on-one ball throwing fun with your dogs, there are plenty of models to choose from. ChuckIt offers all kinds of cool balls for fetch games with you k9. They come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest models measure just 2 inches while the largest available ones are measure 4-inch in diameter.

We will mention Ultra Ball model which is known for its extra bounciness that will make your dog chase it more, which always means more fun.

chuckit ultra ball

Whistler Balls series make a sound while they are whizzing through the air which makes them an interesting target for chasing. There isn’t a breed that will not react to a noisy object so these are a great choice for some outdoor fun.

chuckit whistler ball

Every one of these models offers a simplistic means of playtime fun for your pet and affordable price tag means that you will not have any trouble replacing them in case they get destroyed. This is something that will eventually happen.


As you can see, we wrote about the most popular ChuckIt products and yet there is so much more to discover from their pet store. Make sure to check out our complete for dog ball throwers and you can browse through all of their dog toys. Perhaps you will discover a model that you prefer more to these ones that we pointed out. In any case, it doesn’t matter which one you go for since all of them are quality made and very affordable. Your pet will surely enjoy playing with these toys.