What are the Pros and Cons of an Invisible Dog Fence?

The Pros and Cons of an Invisible Dog Fence

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When it comes to keeping your pets inside the yard and away from danger, manufacturers of invisible fence claim a high success rate. But, to find out if it is really the perfect solution for your furry friend, you need to weigh the pros and cons of invisible dog fence that dog owners often overlook.



Bear in mind, that willful and intelligent dogs may see a traditional fence as a challenge and might try to escape. But, the invisible one that includes the shocks and deterrent sounds will train your furry friend not to cross the boundaries of your property. It is an efficient way to keep him in the safe zone while at the same time allowing him the freedom to play and run around within that area.

Your dog will quickly learn where the boundaries are and he won’t continue to test them. With the invisible fence, you won’t have to deal with leashes which can lead to choking risks. Even your children can be trapped in the cable if they are not careful enough.


What is the point of having the traditional fence if it can’t keep your dog in the yard? On the other hand, the invisible one includes the main unit that will notify you if your canine tries to leave the safe area. The other reliable thing about this fence is its protection system that has two warning methods.

When your furry friend reaches the boundary, the collar will emit a tone to warn him. If he ignores it and approaches the perimeter, he will get a small corrective shock like static electricity. Because of this system, invisible dog fences are more reliable for pets who enjoy jumping and digging.


When it comes to placement, this fence will give you more options than a rigid one. You will be able to lay it in any formation or shape you want and place it close to some obstacles in the area, or wall, or on uneven terrain. If your yard is small, you will be able to maximize the space your canine can roam.

An invisible fence can be a valuable deterrent in keeping your furry friend away from the swimming pools, ponds or lakes. That is very important for the smaller, weaker and older dogs that can actually drown in the water.


Battery Problems and Power Failure

The battery will eventually die in the dog’s collar, so he may be able to escape if you don’t notice that on time. Pay attention to whether your pet seems more willing or better able to approach the boundary. If so, it can be the first sign that the battery is dying and needs a replacement.

Another issue that might occur is the power failure. In that case, the fence will not be able to offer the protection to your four-legged family member within the home. So, in these situations, you will need to act fast and find another solution to ensure your pet remains safe.

Outside Animals

While an invisible fence is an excellent way to keep your canine in your backyard, it is not designed to keep out wild animals or stray dog. It will not stop them from entering your yard where they can easily attack your pet.

And don’t forget your neighborhood’s dogs that will also have free access to your yard.

So, if you live in the area where the stray dogs and wild animals are a big issue, you will need to find another solution. Consider invisible and traditional fencing combination or just a rigid one. That way you will keep your furry friend safe.