Buying Guide: Doggie Treat Launchers

Best dog treat launchers

Doggie Treat launchers are all the rage currently and so we decided to create a buyer’s guide that will show you the best models available on the market. You can guess that unlike automatic ball launchers these innovative gadgets shoot out pet snacks. While it may seem strange at first, this working concept is pretty awesome! Dogs happily run after anything that moves and in this case, they are chasing food! Combining game of fetch with doggie snacks seems like the best idea ever. So, let’s go into more detail and see what each model has to offer to potential buyers.

FinePet Pet Snack Launcher

This is a compact doggie treat launcher with a thoughtful ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use and handle. Two distinct parts of the device are the handle that houses launching and loading mechanism and the top front, bubble shaped, loading compartment that houses launcher “ammo” – doggie snacks in this case. It uses a spring for launches so there are no complicated electronic parts nor batteries required in order for it to work. On the other hand, we wish that it performs a bit better since it doesn’t actually launch doggie treats too far at all.


• Easy to use

• Durable

• Good design

• Affordable price


• Disappointing performance

• Cheap build quality

Considering the affordable price and simplistic design that is comfortable to use, we won’t be too harsh. It is one of the decent and really cheap fetch toys that you can use to have fun with your k9.

Unique Petz - Pet Treat Launcher

Pet Treat Launcher from Unique Petz could easily be mistaken to be the same product as the previous one on our list. It is shaped in a similar way – an all handle like body of the device with a see-through cone bubble where snacks are loaded in. It features grooves on the grip which makes it comfortable to use even when you’re playing longer with your pooch.

unique petz pet treat launcher review

The bottom of the gadget features a strap that is very useful when you want to carry this snack launcher along or to prevent your pooch from taking the whole device out of your hands. We can imagine this happening very often since smart doggies quickly learn how to get all of the snacks faster. When it comes to appearance, this model is available in plenty of different colours so finding the one you like won’t be too difficult.


• Good build quality

• Great design

• Plenty of color choices

• Powerful performance

• Affordable price


• Sometimes jams

• Works best with small dog treats

This is the best pick for owners that want to buy a new doggie treat launcher. It performs great, doesn’t cost too much and it is easy to carry and use. We are sure that both you and your pet will enjoy playing with it!

CYNJO Snack and Dash Treat Launcher

This funny looking launcher is available in two colours – black/blue and white/orange paint schemes. When it comes to handling – we wish that it was more comfortable to use since the unusual design somewhat hinders comfort. This is especially noticeable if you like to play for long periods of time with your doggie. When it comes to performance this device launches dog treats up to 10 feet in the distance which is somewhat disappointing. The build quality is nice and the launcher feels very durable.

cynjo snack and dash dog treat launcher review


• Build quality

• Good looking design

• Ease of use

• Durable


• Uncomfortable to use

• Lacking performance

• Too expensive

It is difficult for us to recommend CYNJO’s Snack and Dash Dog Treat Launcher. It disappoints in some important aspects and because of its high price tag, it isn’t as appealing as the other products on our list.


Our definitive favorite out of these three tested models is Unique Petz - Pet Treat Launcher. It propels snacks so fast that our Golden Retriever sometimes didn’t manage to find them at all. The tasty “projectiles” can fly up to 30 feet away which makes your pet really run fast and exercise hard in order to find and eat them. If you want to buy your first dog snack launcher then this is the model to for!