Glowing dog fetch toys

There are lots of fetch type of dog toys that come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and flashy colours. However, for owners who are too busy to play with their pets during the day – there is a convenient solution. The latest trend that pet toy makers are introducing to the market includes products that have a coating that glows in the dark. These innovative fetch toys are also available in many different shapes and sizes so you will surely find the one that best meets your needs. Keep on reading to find out more about these new and amazing products.

Wham-O Pets Hyper Ring Dog Frisbee

Most people play using a conventional frisbee like dog toys and so Wham-O Pets Hyper Ring could be a great choice for playtime for you and your pet. The glowing top coating takes less than a minute to charge from any light source in order to provide enough shine for low light play time. Wham-O states that due to the use of Dyn-O-Glow material – 60 seconds of direct light on the frisbee will provide enough glowing to last through the entire night.

This is a 10.25 inches in diameter wide frisbee available in three colour schemes – blue/white, black/white and yellow/white. It is very visible both during daytime and nighttime. Due to the use of K-9 Flex material, this is a non-toxic and entirely pet-safe product. It is a rubber material that is gentle on the dog’s teeth and gums while still featuring grip grooves for easy throwing.

wham o pets hyper ring dog fresbee review


• High quality

• Great design

• Affordable price

• Powerful glow

• No batteries needed


• Can get torn easily

• Glow lasts just a couple of hours

If you want a frisbee dog toy that is great to use in low-light conditions then Wham-O Pets Hyper ring is a good choice. Just don’t count on it to last long if your dog likes to chew and play tug of war with it.

Spunky Pup Flash and Glow Dog Ball

This glow in the dark dog ball is available for owners of a smaller breed of dogs. The main feature of Flash and Glow Jr. toy is that it not only glows in the dark once exposed to a light source – it can also flash once your pet starts to shake it! It will surely keep your k9 occupied and provide both of you with hours of fun.

This ball comes in two sizes – 2 inches and 2.5 inches in diameter. It is made using non-toxic and very durable hard plastic materials. It is fully pet-safe, easy to clean and waterproof. In case that you want to throw it in the water – it floats too. The best feature of this toy is that it can glow in the dark and also brightly flash when you or your pet shakes it. The plastic outer shell houses inner motion-activated electronics that are connected to LED lights. The lights will consistently flash for 25 seconds after each shake!


• High quality

• Durable and long lasting

• Great design

• Glows and flashes


• Not so affordable

• Not so bouncy for a ball

This is one fun toy that will always keep both you and your dog entertained. It proved to be very long-lasting and you do not need to worry that it will ever get destroyed by chewing.

Nite Ize Meteorlight K-9 Led Dog Ball

This is a doggie toy unlike you’ve ever seen before. Nite Ize Meteor Light uses LED lights to create a light show that will make your dog go crazy about it. It is a tennis size ball which means that it can also be used with popular automatic ball launchers from iFetch and ChuckIt hand thrower.

Nite Ize K-9 LED Ball measures 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs 4.5 ounces. The LEDs can run for up to 30 minutes until the battery runs out. Once it gets empty, the battery has to be replaced. It was designed to last through chewing and tearing and thanks to the use of extra-durable rubber it should last for a very long time.


• Made using high-quality materials

• Powerful LED lights

• Strong and durable

• Can be used in ball launchers


• Uses batteries

• Batteries don’t last long

• Changing batteries is difficult

• Flimsy power switch

We can’t say that we were that much thrilled with Nite Ize MeteorLight Ball for dogs. Sure, it is bright and lots of fun, however, changing batteries that last for a very short time makes for a disappointing experience.

ChuckIt Kick Fetch Max Glow Dog Toy

ChuckIt is a well-known manufacturer of high quality and innovative dog toys. It's Kick Fetch Max Glow toy is great for nighttime playing sessions with your pet. It features ridges that make it easy for grabbing and carrying. It is available in two sizes – small and large which makes it usable for all dog breeds.

chuckit kick fetch max glow dog toy review


• Bright at night

• Good design

• Hands-free play

• 3D printed fabric


• Fragile and easily torn

• Price is steep

This is an attractive looking dog toy however it is a shame that it can’t stand to much damage caused by chewing. With such a high price – we find it difficult to really recommend this toy.

Conclusion Of Glow In The Dark Dog Toys 

The market for pet owners who like to take their dogs out at night for a quick playing session is rich with attractive and innovative products. We strongly suggest opting between Wham-O Pets Hyper Ring or Spunky Pup Flash and Glow Jr. since they are good quality, durable and affordable dog toys.

As more and more owners find very little free time for their pets due to a busy work schedule during the daytime, having one of these glow in the dark dog toys is so convenient. Now there aren’t any excuses that will prevent you from playing with your pooch after the sun sets.