5 Best Family and Children Friendly Dog Breeds

friendly dog breeds

Having a dog means having more than just an animal in your care. Over time they grow on you due to their loyalty and sense of belonging and quickly become a family member. Seeing how they bring joy and happiness to their owners it is no wonder dogs are considered to be best companions. But, you already new that since you are here on our pet fetch toy site and looking for the best accessories for your dog. Before we write about five best family friendly breeds there is something you should know first and foremost.

No matter what type of dog you decide to bring into your life - remember – each and every breed can be very kind, loving and friendly.

So, without further delay, let us introduce you to the breeds which are known for being more loving to children and more family friendly than others.

Golden Retriever

Perhaps the most known dog breed, golden retrievers are considered as being best family companions. This is due to their intelligence and their loyalty to owners and their families. These are active k9 (as acknowledged by the American Kennel Club) that are very playful yet gentle which makes them great for having fun with children. When you mention Golden Retrievers, everyone associates them with friendliness.

This is very true since they are known to be very friendly even towards complete strangers which pretty much makes them not so great guard dogs. On the other hand, this means that they would be kind and loving to every member of the family. Due to their intelligence, they are fast learners and are also easy to train.

Border Collie

When you talk about dog intelligence, then Border Collies take the number one spot! Primarily a breed best suited for animal herding, these k9s are exceptionally family friendly. Their loyalty and dedication to their owner are unmatched. Known to be very active and playful, these pooches will make great play pals for kids.

Because they are used for herding sheep these dogs are also great for guarding. With sharp senses and alertness, they are well suited for protecting your property too. Just be aware that they need plenty of exercises to be in shape and stay healthy.


A longtime favourite dog breed of royalty, Bulldogs are great companions that are very good with children. They are very protective and territorial which makes them great guard dogs. You can leave even smaller kids with them without having to worry. These k9s are kind and gentle and take their overwatch role very seriously.

Once you bring them home, they will stay with you and only you till the very end. They are highly loyal and know to stick to only one owner who takes care of them. Before deciding to go with a bulldog, make sure to consult your veterinarian for regular checkups since this breed is more demanding when it comes to keeping them healthy.

Saint Bernard

Known as being great and loyal guardian breed (by the United Kennel Club), Saint Bernard is disciplined, easy to train and most of all – great addition for any family. They are used for search and rescue due to their sharp senses and their strength. They can sense the smell and even pull people out of 3 feet of snow after they get trapped by avalanches.

Their intelligence and kindness make them great with children. However, you should consider that they are big and heavy and require plenty of care and grooming to stay healthy. If you do not have a big backyard this might not be a dog for you. They require lots of space to exercise and walk around every day.

Argentine Mastiff

They are hunters bred for chasing big game, with a snow-white satin like fur - Argentine Mastiffs are known to be exceptional family friendly guardian dogs. Also known as “Dogo Argentino”, they are a large size dog breed that is recognisable by its muscular appearance and impressive strength.

Do not let their appearance fool you, these k9s are incredibly loyal and gentle with children. They love to cuddle and enjoy long sessions of playing with their owners. They are very friendly to other animals too and love to play with them too. Being an active breed they also need open spaces to move freely. When it comes to guarding they are known to be relentless and great for keeping your property safe.


Do not pay attention to news articles and people saying that there are dogs that are unsuited for playing with children. As with most domestic animals that are used to living near humans, all dogs are gentle and kind creatures. The way you treat them defines their personality. Be kind and loving towards them and you will get all the love back multiplied by a vastly increased factor. Playing with them makes you bond faster and helps them learn kindness and loyalty.